Panels and Panelists - Winterfest

Winterfest Panels

Facts and Crafts - Let's Make Kumihimo Bracelets!
Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese style of braiding used to produce strong and beautiful cords. Join us to learn about the history of this technique, and create your own kumihimo bracelet!

K-Pop Dance Class: BTS - Save Me
K-pop fans its time!! Bangtan time that is haha. Come to my panel to learn the official choreography to BTS's popular song Save Me. Teacher Sam of local K-pop dance team TXM and K-pop dance teacher at U of M will teach you all the crazy BTS moves!!

The Art of AMVs with Kagoween
Anime Music Videos are an art! Here at Winterfest, Kagoween takes you through the basics of making, watching, or even just laughing at them- through the Art of AMVs!

Philosophy Café: Analyzing Anime & Much More
Why do we love the "good guys" in anime but despise the "bad guys"? What exactly makes a character good or bad? Come on down for a fun but philosophical take on your favourite anime using terms anyone can understand.

Twitch Streaming
For those interested in starting a stream channel, or for those who stream but want to take it to the next level. Bflattened of BeyondRGaming is here to help!

Cosplay Sewing Tips and Tricks
For beginner or intermediate sewers who want to expand their knowledge, or don't know where to start.

Elegance in Game Design
Gameplay is, and always has been, the root of why games are so much fun! Come join me for a discussion on games with superb, clever, unique, and elegant design.

Koinobori Craft Workshop
Make mini paper carp (koi) streamers like the ones seen in some anime for celebrating Children's Day. Supplies provided for the first 24 attendees; anyone else is free to watch the instructions and see our crafters' creations take life!

Snow Miku: A (Brief) History
Snow Miku appeared on the scene back in 2010 as an alt version of the insanely popular Hatsune Miku. Follow her short but profitable career and what she and others like her mean to anime, marketing and the fandom as we know it.

Depression and Anxiety
Starting the conversation within the Fandom : Issues of depression and anxiety in the anime community are out there, but often unheard of. This panel is for those who love anime and video games to learn more about these issues and to encourage people to share their experiences in a safe space.

The Best of 80's Anime Openings
The 80s were a revolutionary time for anime. The same goes for their openings. Come down for a panel that will leave you chanting "Anime Ja Nai!"

The 404s Present: The Geekprov Showcase
The 404s kickoff the con with their fan favourite All-Ages show. Your suggestions blended with their GeekProv knowledge will make for a hilarious combination. Certainly something not to be missed.

The 404s Present: The Missing Episode of ???
You thought you’ve seen every episode, read every manga, heard every fan theory but there are some things you were just not meant to see. Luckily The 404s are here to recreate the Missing Episode of your favourite animes. Come watch and let The 404s know which animes you would like to see them make up on the spot.

The 404s Present: The Last Pants Standing Show
The lights go down, the comedy gets suggestive and the improvisers get “comfortable”. You hold the power over The 404s in this 18+ panel, as you decide who will lose their pants next. Who will be the Last Pants Standing? Come check out the show and choose the victor. May the odds ever be in their favor.