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2018 Dance Showcase

Back by popular demand, Ai-Kon’s 2018 Dance Showcase Event will return to the stage for a second year on Saturday, July 28th from 12:15 pm – 3:00 pm.

Come out to see some of Winnipeg’s best Asian inspired dance teams! Ai-Kon welcomes the following performers:

Galax-E K-pop Dance Team

Galax-E is one of the most active K-pop dance team in the city with countless performances under their belts from last years Ai-kon dance showcase to the Korean Pavilion Folklorama stage. Galax-E shares a passion for Korean music, culture, and dancing, and want to share their love with the world!!


Nonets is a 10 member dance group covering songs from the popular anime series Love Live! and Love Live Sunshine!


Mainly focused on Japanese music with a cooler style, based around vocaloid songs and popular singers from Japan.


ParaFire is a parapara and techpara dance team.  We teach and perform that latest eurobeat and techno routines from Japan.

Voca Sensation

Hello, we are Voca Sensation, a multi-cultural dance and cosplay group that formed in August, 2017. Our genres of dance include c-pop, j-pop and k-pop. Voca Sensation has performed live at the WCCCC’s summer street festival and Chinese New Year event. We have an upcoming performance at Fanquest in 2018 and will be performing at the Chinese pavilion for Folklorama in 2018 as we all the WCCCC’s summer street festival again.

We formed this group because dancing is something that we all enjoy. We want to be able to create memories and friendships that will last us a lifetime.

illicit dance crew

illicit dance crew is a diverse crew that was established Oct 2017. We not only do Kpop dance covers but create original choreography and creatively put out unique covers. Our members vary in both experience and styles such as Urban, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and etc. In addition our love of Kpop was one of the two reasons for creating this crew. Some of our favorite Kpop groups are BTS, TWICE, 2NE1, Mamamoo and EXO. Our goal is to cover not only some of our favorite groups but perform for a variety of events, while spreading Korean culture with a Western influence.

Majestix Idol Project

Hello, we are Majestix Idol Project! We are a dance and cosplay group consisting of nine eager individuals who love anime and dancing. We formed in April of 2017 and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us! Our first performance was at Ai-kon’s dance showcase in 2017. Since then we have performed at C4 2017 in the Idol Showcase, recored a PV and released a Christmas special. This summer we have many plans for recording PV’s and we can’t wait to get started on them.

We are originally a Love Live dance group, but we have started to branch out. We now perform songs in the genres of c-pop and k-pop alongside j-pop.

Majestix is thankful for the performance opportunities we have been given. We love to share our passion of dancing with others and encourage others to try it for themselves.


We’re a recreational dance group that focuses mostly on Asian pop covers (so Kpop, Jpop, Cpop and Mandopop) but we also practice freestyle/hiphop fundamentals or whatever kind of dance interests us. We’re interested in encouraging our members to develop their own style while having fun.


ur’s (pronounced yours) is a 15+ member cosplay dance cover group from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Currently focusing on cosplay and dance from the idol anime franchise “Love Live School Idol Festival”, and Vocaloid. They have released over 14 video projects on YouTube and amassed over 6000 followers on social media since their debut performance at Ai-kon back in 2015.