Winterfest 2020

February 22, 2020

RBC Convention Centre

Programming > Dance Showcase

2019 Ai-kon Dance Showcase

Get your light sticks out and your fan chants ready!! Ai-Kon’s dance showcase has a line up of performers that will burn up the stage with their amazing performances!! J-pop, K-pop, C-pop and so much more, this is a show you aren’t gonna wanna miss.

Show starts at 1pm on Saturday July 27th in Main Programming.

Featured Performers:

Punch Party
Asian cover band currently covering anime/jpop/jrock songs.

Winnipeg based Kpop dance crew that covers Kpop songs and tries to expand into choreographing original choreography which showcases their creativity and experience as dancers but with a passion for Korean culture above all else.

Galax-E is one of the most active K-pop dance team in the city with countless performances under their belts from Ai-kon’s dance showcase to the Korean Pavillions Folklorama stage. Galax-E shares a passion for Korean music, culture, and dancing, and want to share their love with the world!!

Newly produced K-pop dance team. “Once in a blue moon”

A recreational dance team who has been performing locally for the past few years, they cover many styles of song and dance.

Aurora Dance Group
Under the instruction of Ms Lucy Yamashita, the Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba’s Aurora Dance Group performs Japanese classical, semi-classical and folk dance.

Snow Day Idols
Snow Day Idols is a Winnipeg-based Aqours cover group who love to bring dance and cosplay together on stage!

Pronounced ARCADE, we are an up and coming group from Toronto. Although just starting up, we aren’t shy of experience; our members have performed all over the city of Toronto and with a few members coming to visit Winnipeg for Ai-kon this year, we thought it would be great to show our cool style!

10 member cosplay dance group that formed after Ai-Kon 2016. They have previously performed at Ai-kon, Fanquest, C4, and most recently this past Winterfest. They perform to songs from the popular multi-media franchise Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!!

Voca Sensation
A multi-cultural cosplay and dance group that cover a diverse range of genres. They focus mainly on C-pop and J-pop, as well as Anisong and Vocaloid.

Paradyme Shift
Winnipeg’s newest Para dance team, dancing to the latest routines from the clubs in Japan.

We are ur’s! We are a Winnipeg based Love Live μ’s cosplay and dance group. We hope to share our love for μ’s with you!