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Ai-kon  Fashion Show Information

The Fashion show will be returning to Ai-kon in the future!

Check out the below information on our 2019 Runs.


  • 2019 Special Theme: Fantasy Role Playing Game
  • Kimono
  • Traditional East Asian Dress
  • Visual Kei
  • Lolita
  • Asia Street Style

2019 Special Theme: Fantasy Role Playing Game

Introducing a special theme this year for the Ai-Kon Fashion Show, The Fantasy/RPG Run!

Since Ai-Kon’s theme for 2019 is RPG we couldn’t think of a better year to add this run to our show, bring out your best cloaks, armour and leathers for this run at Ai-Kon 2019!

Looking for:

  • Original Fantasy RPG Characters and Outfits
  • Dress as your DnD, OC and/or LARP character
  • Themed Character (Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, The Rising of Shield Hero)


Looking for the perfect occasion to wear your Kimono? Ai-Kon 2019 has the show for you! We are bringing back the beautiful Kimono run once again.

Looking for:

  • Traditional Japanese clothing (Kimono, Yukata , Hakama etc)

Traditional East Asian Fashion

Don’t have a kimono but still want to join our fashion show? Worry not!  Any Traditional East Asian garment will work for this run!

Looking for:

  • Any East Asian Traditional Clothing (example: Hanbok, Cheongsam , Changshan etc)

Visual Kei

We want you to rock the runway with your best Japanese punk glam rock attire!

Looking for:

  • Visual Kei Inspired Looks ( Japanese Rock , Punk Rock , Glam Rock styles)
  • (Notable Visual Kei Bands: The Gazette , Malice Mizer , LM.C , and Versailles)


Calling all Cuteness!

Looking for frills, lace and you guessed it, Lolita looks, for this run at Ai-Kon 2019

Looking for:

  • Lolita Styles (Sweet Lolita , Classic Lolita , Gothic Lolita, Punk Lolita , Hime Lolita etc)

Asian Street Style

Show off your own street style on the runway this year at Ai-Kon 2019!

Looking for:

  • Anime related fashions (shirts with your favourite anime characters or japanese phrases/writing)
  • Idol looks: things you’d see your favourite Korean or Japanese idols wearing ‘off duty’ or at the airport(brand name shirts or sweat pants, bucket hats, distressed jeans, etc)

Circle Pass Policy 2019

Designers & Models for the 2019 Fashion Show may be eligible for complimentary Day Passes under our Circle Pass Policy.

Please check out the full Circle Pass Policy for detailed information on who is eligible.

Circle passes are subject to limitation per event, and misuse of Circle passes may result in penalty.

Ai-kon will not be issuing refunds on tickets purchased before the assignment of a complimentary pass.