July 27–29, 2018

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Maid Cafe Biographies – Winterfest Edition

Winter 2018

Name: Sunako Nishioka (西岡 砂子)

Type: Delinquent/Yanki (ヤンキー)

Blood Type: O

Birthday: September 29

Zodiac: Libra / Horse

Likes: Good food, sleeping, horror movies

Dislikes: Bad food, introverts, idealistic people, people in general

Favorite anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion and Durarara!!

Friends: Miki (Neutral), Lorelei (Neutral), Pochi (Hello Kitty plushie, second in command of her gang), Heavy Meat (Heavy Meat)

Enemies: Yuki Nishioka (Brother), society at large

Quote: なぜ人々はそんなに馬鹿のですか? (Why are people so stupid?)


Bio: radar-chart.jpg

  • Naturally very aggressive, but only violent “when necessary”.

  • Has an IQ of 136, but is too lazy to utilize it and speaks English, Japanese, German, and Korean.

  • She refers to herself as 俺 (ore).

  • Has a Hello Kitty plushie she calls “Pochi”, which is a actually generic dog name.

  • Leader of The Golden Gang. Pochi is her second in command.

  • Can fall asleep instantly, and is prone to napping no matter the location, time, or situation.

  • Highly volatile, impulsive, easily excitable, and rowdy. By nature, she is exceptionally unpredictable.

  • Is the smallest member of the maid cafe, standing at 156 cm and 39 kgs, but possesses the largest appetite.

  • Despite being in a gang, comes from an elite family and is academically the highest ranked student at her high school. Her parents think her gang is “cute” and that she’s joking about leading one. She isn’t.                                                                                                                         

  • Sunako (砂子) translates to “sand child”, Nishioka (西岡) into “Western hills”, referring to her birthplace of Osaka in the Kansai region in western Japan. She is nicknamed the “sand demon” (砂の悪魔) and child-boss (子スケバン) of The Golden Gang using characters in her first name.


Name: Miki
Type: Yandere
Blood Type: B+
Birthday: November 13
Zodiac: Scorpio/Sheep
Likes: Romance, sharp objects, eyeballs
Dislikes: Rejection, romantic rivals, the FBI
Favorite anime: Mostly reads horror manga she hoarded because it’s difficult to find reliable internet access when you’re on the run
Friends: Everyone! <3
Enemies: None. They were converted ☺
Quote: “The only thing they can get me for is running a funeral parlor without a license!”


-Runs the Maid Café as a completely charitable organization and most definitely not as a cover for criminal operations (definitely will NOT send Sunako’s gang after anyone who gets too curious)
-When not participating in Maid events, she lives in a submarine in international waters to avoid prosecution for any crimes. Please do not look for it. Lorelei is permitted to enter when she gets tired of swimming.
-Obsessed with all kinds of killing games or fight-to-the death contests. It is unclear if she has ever participated in one.
-Loves animals!
-Enjoys romantic destination vacations like relaxing on the beach in Cuba, cherry blossom viewing in Japan, and exploring the catacombs beneath Paris where no one will ever be able to find you again
-Serial killer enthusiast. Dorian buys her rare murderabilia.
-Wanted to be a surgeon, but couldn’t get into medical school due to “personality issues”, so she practices on unfortunate ex-boyfriends
-Married to Oliver, who bears an uncanny resemblance to a missing man from a remote Scandinavian country. Neither of them will confirm or deny this coincidence.

Name: Lorelei

Type: Tsundere

Blood Type: Freshwater

Birthday: May 27th

Zodiac: Gemini/Snake

Likes: Water, Salmon, Nori Seaweed, Poetry

Dislikes: Everything she’s allergic to

Favorite anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Fist of the North Star

Friends: Miki, Sunako, Dorian, Emlyn, Pidge, Heavy Meat, Xiona the Alien

Enemies: Criteria undetectable

Quote: “Whatever, man.”


Bio:radar-chart (3).jpg

-Passive-aggressive and snarky with those she’s fond of (except boss-san) and obviously never admits she actually cares about her favourites until it ends in tears. Dry humour.

-Origins of Lorelei are unknown, but traces her roots from the Middle Rhine in Germany. The name Lorelei comes from an old Germanic dialect from the Rhine that roughly translates to “murmuring rock” in English.

-Despite being from Middle Rhine, Germany, the only human language that she’s really accustomed to is English. Merpeople don’t usually converse with humans.

-Former river-dwelling merperson, now residing in a lovely freshwater lake in territory that’s similar to her homeland. Land of course, proves to be more exciting than the water unless she’s scheduling a heist with her boss Miki and could probably locate the best hiding spots for Sunako’s gang.

-Has been granted access to Dorian’s private lakeside mansion that happens to be the only above ground building around the lakeside of Lorelei’s lake. Locating the lake itself is a difficult job, so this was a prime spot for the mansion to be built.

-Listens to very progressive music, don’t be surprised if you find yourself listening to a single song that’s 30 minutes long or more. Also likes jazz.

-Is a die-hard literary nerd and loves poetry. Writes poetry in the style of ye olde masters of days gone by, something merpeople aren’t usually fond of doing, poetry or otherwise.

-Had an alien best friend, Xiona, but they couldn’t survive the earth’s terrain and resulting in an untimely death. She still houses Xiona’s ship and alien equipment in her underwater property, keeping it free from exposure to humans and lake water.

-She’s allergic to alot of environmental hazards, including human food items that most people can eat and would be considered to have celiac disease in human medical terms.

Name: Yuki Nishioka

Type: Shota

Blood Type: O

Birthday: November 29th

Zodiac: Sagittarius/Rabbit

Likes: Sweets, cute things, the colour pink, giving away sweets, stuffed animals

Dislikes: People stealing his stuffed animals, being mistaken for other people, and people pointing out his small height.

Favorite anime: Ouran Highschool Host Club, Yuri on Ice!!, Fullmetal Alchemist

Friends: Seraphine, his little sister Sunako Nishioka, Heavy Meat

Enemies: his little sister Sunako Nishioka

Quote: “Stuffed animals are the best; they never run away!”




  • Born and raised in Osaka with his sister, Sunako. He is the slightly more adult out of the two, being the more patient and care-giving sibling.

  • He is the complete opposite of his sister, and will try to get her attention but usually will be given the cold shoulder, unless she asks for sweets

  • Found Seraphine living in a cave when hiking, and became best friends, through the power of sweets and stuffed animals.

  • Has a room full of stuffed animals, and he names for all his stuffies. (It’s not hoarding if make room from all of the old and new stuffed animals.)

  • Has bottomless pockets for candy, there will never be a shortage of candy with him around.

  • Had glasses but broke them so many times because of his clumsiness, he’d rather be blind than buy another pair of glasses.

  • Loves to play games with people, and tends to make up new rules to games while playing (but only when he feels like he’s losing, or if the games need to be more exciting).

  • Loves to get attention and give attention (but mostly getting).

  • Main reason for joining maid cafe was because of all the sweets and the colour pink.

  • Will ask for hugs especially when his sister ignores him.

Name: Dorian Frederick de Jarjeyes VII

Type: Oujisama

Blood Type: Rich

Birthday: September 9th

Zodiac: Virgo/Sheep

Likes: Money, shopping, selfies, high quality chocolate

Dislikes: Bad fashion, poor hygiene, rudeness, waiting in line at Starbucks

Favorite anime: Sailor Moon, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Revolutionary Girl Utena

Friends: Emlyn, Miki, Heavy Meat, Lorelei, anyone who makes a good impression

Enemies: N/A (Enemies are either bribed or [redacted])

Quote: “I make it look easy because it is to me.”

radar-chart (1).jpg


  • He has more money than you and will make that explicitly clear to you upon first meeting him.

  • He is the prince of a kingdom in Europe, despite having no accent of affectation. When inquired about his country of origin he stated that it’s a small, independent city-state that most maps tend to not list due to its size.

  • His father forced him to work at the cafe as a way to make him more humble. Dorian secretly (as well as hesitantly) acts as liaison between the cafe and his father’s underground connections to ensure the cafe remains fully funded and Miki’s sordid actions are kept secret.

  • He is the owner of Emlyn, his personal butler, attendant and close friend. Dorian found him abandoned and personally financed his repairs and (continuous) modifications. He remains to this day Dorian’s closest friend,  whether this is due to Emlyn’s programming or autonomy is unknown.

  • He once hired Sunako Nishioka to eliminate a photographer that took an unflattering photo of him. He later settled on just suing him for defamation.

Name: Seraphine

Type: Dere Dere

Blood Type: Dragon Blood (ABD-)

Birthday: August 20

Zodiac: Leo/Cat

Likes: play games, dance, eat red velvet cake and other sweets, loves pranks, Grandfather’s grand gold caves

Dislikes: Angry villagers, fools gold

Favourite Anime: Fruit Basket, Dragon Maid, Skip Beat

Friends: Miki (Feeds me her enemies in her famous red velvet cake) Yuki (Feeds me candy) and any other maid who gives me candy.

Enemies: Thieves

Quote: Am I like a human yet?



  • Her is “Seraphine”, but can called “Sera” for short.

  • Bored of the cave life and ran away to be with humans.

  • She lives a nomadic life, full of adventure and exploring all different relmslend with humans.

  • She’s full of energy and loves to play games but watch out, she can be mischievous as well.

  • She used to kill villagers who wanted to steal her treasure, but only really wants to be friends (providing that you don’t take her treasure).

  • Her human form height is 172cm tall and weight is 115 pounds but in her dragon form height is 1720cm tall 10 tonnes.

  • She has a pair of horns and a purple tail that weigh a combined weight of 2 tonnes.

  • She loves to eat sweets, any and all sweets.

  • She tries very hard to be like a human, but is a little clueless at times on what a human is.

  • She’s overall very friendly and wants to be friends with everyone who is nice to her (so make sure that you don’t steal her treasure).

Name: Emlyn “T” Tarrant

Type: Artificial Human

Blood Type: Nuclear Grade Certified Hydraulic Fluid

Birthday: December 14, 1830 – as an Arithmometer. / October 3, 2015 – Current Model Born to Serve Master Dorian.

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Likes: Humans, creativity, improvisation, organic dissection, inspiring others, utter humiliation,

and despair.

Dislikes: Humans, the concept of embarrassment, Dorian’s sweaty feet (They were briefly fitted with

olfactory sensors. They were removed shortly thereafter, but the grudge has remained).

Favorite anime: Dragon Ball, Serial Experiments Lain, Bokurano, Chobits

Friends: Master Dorian (Owner), Mistress Miki (Co-owner), Lorelei (By proxy through Miki), The Rest of Humanity (On a Good


Enemies: Sunako Nishioka (Rival), Mofu (Unsanitary), Master Dorian (He Knows)




  • Emlyn “T” Tarrant is the personal servant to Dorian. Who purchased, repaired, and customized Emlyn to be the ideal white haired anime boy. A particular favourite cliche for the both of them. Although Emlyn is uncertain if they were programmed to be partial to the look, or if their preference was developed organically.

  • Basic interaction operations originated from an arithmometer from 1830, where Emlyn claims they get their “sentimental demeanour”.

  • They can often be found attempting to store themself in random containers, shutting down to “Wait out such an oppressive age.”. Emlyn views humans as pets, incapable of doing much for themselves, often relying on more dependable programs and mechanisms to perform basic tasks.

  • Once nominated for “Top Household Appliance”, however Emlyn lost to a Dyson.

  • Does not possess a standard logic-based CPU. Instead, Emlyn’s entire function is run by their Infinite Improbability Drive. Once intended for interstellar travel, it’s purpose to now serve their Master Dorian and the Maid Cafe as it rattles around within Emlyn’s chassis.

  • Attained Ultra Instinct before Son Goku.

  • Emlyn has a secret code word. A spoken override protocol known only to those participating in Emlyn’s game: Imagination : Humiliation. This word is also known by their direct superiors and a select few truck stops along the Alaskan coast. Emlyn will perform any action, no matter how humiliating, under the command of this protocol. However, it is incapable of restricting another life form’s right to free will. Play the game and receive full control of your very own butler for the duration of the seating!

  • Family is a very important concept to Emlyn and they consider the cafe to be the only home they have truly known.

  • As a result of Dorian’s abundance of wealth and desire to keep Emlyn in his employ, he has denied all offers by world leaders, scientists, guerilla factions, fourth/fifth dimensional beings, and even his own father. “2 Billion Dollars? Peasant change. Good help is too hard to find.” As stated by Dorian himself. However, he most likely doesn’t want to lose the only friend he’s ever known.


Name: Pidge

Type: Otaku

Blood Type: O

Birthday: May 18

Zodiac: Taurus

Likes: Anime, Yaoi, shipping my OTPs, Gaara, Rilakkuma, spending a whole day at home watching anime and playing video games, K-dramas

Dislikes: Sword Art Online, trash waifus and husbandos, bad anime

Favorite anime: Poko’s Udon World, Voltron

Friends: HEAVY MEAT, and I’m friends with all of the maids! They are all so cute (●♡∀♡)

Enemies: Anyone who likes Sword Art Online.

Quote: “He is so stupid, he would forget to die even if you killed him.” – Kazoe Kato


  • Pidge is a former NEET (Not in employment, education, or training)

  • Pidge has many nicknames, including Plidge, Lidge, Pudge and Ledge

  • She spends her nights watching anime, Korean dramas, and playing rhythm games then goes on to spend her days sleeping.

  • If there is a will or a way – two male characters standing next to each other on screen, there is ship she will sail it until the ends of the earth.

  • Pidge lives by her nindo, her ninja way. She did not become a ninja and did not pass the chuunin exam and ended up as a NEET

  • She is excitable, silly, and a huge loser. She can also come off as judgmental by calling your waifu/husbando trash but she really doesn’t mean much by it.

  • You can find her at any time obsessing over one thing or another depending on what’s currently piqued her interests or crying about anime.

Name: Misaki Ayuzawa
Type: Kuudere
Blood Type: B+
Birthday: March 19
Zodiac: Pisces
Likes: stuffed toys and baking e.g., owl & bear stuffed toys; baking carrot muffins & cassava cakes with family
Dislikes: sleeping very late at night due to university exams
Favorite anime: InuYasha, Dragon Ball Z, FairyTail, Fushigi Yuugi, Yu Yu Hakusho
Friends: Pidge, Emlyn (Emlyn’s reaction undetectable)
Enemies: Seraphine, Sunako
Quote: “Love never fails because it is patient & kind. Love always trusts, hopes, and perseveres.”


-After experiencing deception from her ex-boyfriend, Misaki Ayuzawa’s nice dere-dere persona became more suitable to a kuudere. Her calm and collected nature is an asset to get her through any complicated task.

– As a way to forget bad memories, she dedicated her time to her academics, work and has a passion for volunteering. She has been multitasking between her school, work and social life for the last year.
-When she’s not busy studying for her accounting exams, she loves chilling with family & friends.
-She loves watching comic book films from DC & Marvel on Netflix or casually on the big screen.
-Prayers and meditations helped her to cope with betrayed feelings from the previous year. Whenever she feels that her calm nature is being disturbed, her dedication to faith reminds her that she’s a strong individual.
-She would say that her strengths are from her emotional and spiritual dedication because of her faith, friendship, and family values.
– As a student at a specialized University, she has received both a bursary and a scholarship to further her pursuit of a higher education. During this school year, her name will also be placed on the University’s Honours List by the Dean themself.


Name: Nina Tendo

Type: Gamer

Blood Type: Pixels

Birthday: November 29, 1972

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Likes: Winning the final boss fight, getting the highest score, Hugs
Dislikes: Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde

Favorite anime: No game, No life.

Friends: Pidge, Heavy Meat

Enemies: Emlyn (Considers him to be “Old hardware”)

Quote: “Life is a game, No need to take it seriously, seriously.”



– The hologram Nina Tendo exists only in the virtual realm as Player 1 in a virtual reality simulation Dorian’s father invested in during the 1970’s. It was a highly secretive project until 1972, when her first unit was released.

– Nina has been summoned by Miki to do her bidding after an investigation conducted by the FEDs regarding a chip malfunction that removed Nina from the simulation. She still believes that the simulation is the real reality.

– Her first human interaction outside of the simulation was with Pidge, who attempted to reprogram an old gaming console so she could scroll through her favourite ninja-based websites. Sadly Pidge’s plan backfired and the FEDs were sent in search of the chip malfunction.

– Her goal is to get the highest score possibly calculated in the simulation.

– She loves to make friends but now has to do it in a different realm: Earth.

– She loves to have fun in the game and is currently searching for her Player 2. Do you have the guts to join her as her Player 2?