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Winterfest 2019 Biographies

The Ai-Kon Maid Cafe is pleased to introduce all of our lovely Maids and Bulters! We’re looking forward to serving you at Ai-Kon Winterfest 2019!

Miki Sunako Lorelei
Dorian Yuki Seraphine
Pidge Nigami Ayamo
Candy Xio Luna
Midori  So-Min Jeikke
Hayashi Hoshi Kyosuke
 Lily Heavy Meat

Name: Miki
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Type: Yandere
Blood Type: B+
Birthday: November 13
Zodiac: Scorpio/Goat
Likes: Romance, sharp objects, eyeballs
Dislikes: Rejection, romantic rivals, the FBI
Favorite anime: Mostly reads horror manga she hoarded because it’s difficult to find reliable internet access when you’re on the run
Friends: Everyone! <3
Enemies: None. They were converted ☺
Quote: “The only thing they can get me for is running a funeral parlor without a license!”

  • Runs the Maid Café as a completely charitable organization and most definitely not as a cover for criminal operations (definitely will NOT send Sunako’s gang after anyone who gets too curious)
  • When not participating in Maid events, she lives in a submarine in international waters to avoid prosecution for any crimes. Please do not look for it. Lorelei is permitted to enter when she gets tired of swimming.
  • Obsessed with all kinds of killing games or fight-to-the death contests. It is unclear if she has ever participated in one.
  • Loves animals!
  • Enjoys romantic destination vacations like relaxing on the beach in Cuba, cherry blossom viewing in Japan, and exploring the catacombs beneath Paris where no one will ever be able to find you again
  • Serial killer enthusiast. Dorian buys her rare murderabilia.
  • Wanted to be a surgeon, but couldn’t get into medical school due to “personality issues”, so she practices on unfortunate ex-boyfriends
  • Married to Oliver, who bears an uncanny resemblance to a missing man from a remote Scandinavian country. Neither of them will confirm or deny this coincidence.

Name: Sunako Nishioka (西岡砂子)
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Type: Delinquent/Yanki (ヤンキー)

Blood Type: O

Birthday: September 29

Zodiac: Libra/Dragon

Likes: Good food, sleeping, horror movies

Dislikes: Bad food, shy people, quiet people, idealistic people, people in general

Favorite anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion and Durarara!!

Friends: Miki (Neutral), Lorelei (Neutral), Heavy Meat (Heavy Meat), Pochi (Hello Kitty plushie, second in command to her gang)

Enemies: Yuki Nishioka (Brother), society at large

Quote: なぜ人々はそんなに馬鹿のですか? (Why are people so stupid?)


  • Naturally very aggressive, but only violent “when necessary”; like when Sunako single handedly subdued bullies outside of a McDonalds for bumping into her, causing her to drop her french fries.
  • Has an IQ of 136, but is too lazy to utilize it and speaks English, Japanese, German, and Korean.
  • Can fall asleep instantly, and is prone to napping no matter where she is.
  • Highly volatile, impulsive, easily excitable, and rowdy.
  • 156 cm and 39 kgs, but has the biggest appetite in the Maid Cafe despite her size.
  • Has an odd way of speaking: she refers to herself as 俺 (ore), does not use formal speech or honorifics towards elders. It is unclear if is because she forgets or on purpose.
  • Has a Hello Kitty plushie she calls “Pochi”, which is a very generic dog name. Sunako will annihilate anyone who touches Pochi, or even looks at it the wrong way. Sometimes she leaves Pochi in charge of her gang.
  • Sunako (砂子) translates to “sand child”, Nishioka (西岡) into “Western hills”, referring to her birthplace of Osaka in the Kansai region in western Japan. She is nicknamed the “sand demon” (砂の悪魔) and child-boss (子スケバン) of “The Golden Gang” using characters in her first name.

Name: Lorelei
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Type: Tsundere

Blood Type: Freshwater

Birthday: May 27

Zodiac: Gemini/Snake

Likes: Water, Salmon, Nori Seaweed, Poetry

Dislikes: Everything she’s allergic to

Favorite anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Fist of the North Star

Friends: Miki, Sunako, Dorian, Pidge, Heavy Meat, Xiona (RIP), So-Min

Enemies: Criteria undetectable

Quote: “What, you egg?”


  • Passive-aggressive and snarky with those she’s fond of (except boss-san) and obviously never admits she actually cares about her favourites until it ends in tears. Dry humour.
  • Origins of Lorelei are unknown, but traces her roots from the Middle Rhine in Germany. The name Lorelei comes from an old Germanic dialect from the Rhine that roughly translates to “murmuring rock” in English. Despite being from Middle Rhine, Germany, the only human language that she’s really accustomed to is English.
  • Her family hails from the freshwater variety of Merpeople, she now residing in a lovely freshwater lake that’s similar to her homeland. Land of course, proves to be more exciting than the water unless she’s scheduling a heist with her boss Miki and could probably locate the best hiding spots for Sunako’s gang.
  • Dorian granted her access to his private lakeside mansion that happens to be the only above ground building on the lakeside of Lorelei’s lake. Locating the lake itself is a difficult job, so this was a prime spot for the expensive mansion to be built.
  • Listens to very progressive music, don’t be surprised if you find yourself listening to a single song that’s 30 minutes long or more. Also likes jazz.
  • She’s a die-hard literary nerd and loves poetry. Writes poetry in the style of ye olde masters of days gone by, something merpeople aren’t usually fond of doing, poetry or otherwise.
  • She once had an alien best friend, Xiona, but they couldn’t survive the earth’s terrain and resulting in an untimely death. She still houses Xiona’s ship and alien equipment in her underwater property, keeping it free from exposure to humans and lake water.
  • She’s allergic to alot of environmental hazards, including human food items that most people can eat and would be considered to have celiac disease in human medical terms.
  • World famous scientist, Dr. Nigel Hawthorne, PhD in Cryptomarine Biology has been the only known successful scientist to come in contact with Lorelei. Due to his curiosity and attempts to woo her, she gave him mercury poisoning. Despite this, she remains the closest thing to a romantic partner for the doctor.

Name: Dorian Frederick de Jarjeyes VII
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Type: Oujisama

Blood Type: Rich

Birthday: September 9

Zodiac: Virgo/Rooster

Likes: Money, shopping, selfies, high quality chocolate

Dislikes: Bad fashion, poor hygiene, rudeness, waiting in line at Starbucks

Favorite anime: Sailor Moon, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Revolutionary Girl Utena

Friends: Miki, Heavy Meat, Lorelei, Midori, anyone who makes a good impression

Enemies: N/A (Enemies are either bribed or [redacted])

Quote: “I make it look easy because it is to me.”


  • He has more money than you and will make that explicitly clear to you upon first meeting him.
  • He is the prince of a kingdom in Europe, despite having no accent of affectation. When inquired about his country of origin he stated that it’s a small, independent city-state that most maps tend to not list due to its size.
  • His father forced him to work with Miki as a way to make him more humble. Dorian secretly (as well as hesitantly) acts as liaison between Miki and his father’s underground connections to ensure that her institution remains fully funded and her sordid actions are kept secret.
  • He frequently vacations to his lakeside property, the location of the property has been a mystery for decades. Dorian intends for it to stay that way just as it has for many generations.
  • Dorian’s father has many scholarships dedicated to providing underprivileged students with exceptional grades. Midori was one of the students sponsored by Dorian’s father for many years, even sponsoring her at an esteemed school in Osaka.
  • He once hired Sunako Nishioka to eliminate a photographer that took an unflattering photo of him. He later settled on just suing him for defamation.
  • He’s deathly afraid of insects and would prefer to have Luna stay as far away from him as possible, despite growing up alongside her.

Name: Yuki Nishioka
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Type: Shota

Blood Type: O

Birthday: November 29

Zodiac: Sagittarius/Rabbit

Likes: Sweets, cute things, the colour pink, giving away sweets, stuffed animals

Dislikes: People stealing his stuffed animals, being mistaken for other people, and people pointing out his small height.

Favorite anime: Ouran Highschool Host Club, Yuri on Ice!!, Fullmetal Alchemist

Friends: Seraphine, his little sister Sunako Nishioka, Heavy Meat

Enemies: his little sister Sunako Nishioka

Quote: “Stuffed animals are the best; they never run away!”


  • Born and raised in Osaka with his sister, Sunako. He is slightly more of an adult than Sunako, being  more patient and caring than his sibling.
  • He is the complete opposite of his sister, and will try to get her attention but usually will be given the cold shoulder, unless she asks for sweets
  • Found Seraphine living in a cave on a long hike. They became best friends due to their shared love for sweets and stuffed animals.
  • He apparently has a room full of stuffed animals, all of which he’s named. (He says it’s not hoarding if he makes room for his new friends by stacking some of his old ones underneath the new ones, he just has a lot of friends.)
  • He is known to have pants designed with bottomless pockets to hold all of his candy. When he’s around, there will never be a shortage of candy and fears the day his pockets will be emptied of the sugary contents.
  • His glasses have been broken so many times because of his clumsiness, refusing to buy a new pair. His family isn’t poor or anything, but he’d rather be blind than break another pair for glasses.
  • He loves to play games with people, and tends to make up new rules to games while playing (but he will only do this when he feels like he’s losing, or if the game gets boring.)
  • Loves to get attention and give attention (but mostly getting).
  • Despite being a boy, he loves the colour pink, preferring to wear that colour over “boyish” colour. He has been known to prefer sweets with a pink tint to them over anything other colour.
  • He always asks for hugs, especially when his sister ignores him. Don’t be afraid if he hugs a random stranger, he needs emotional support sometimes.

Name: Seraphine
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Type: Dere Dere

Blood Type: Dragon Blood (ABD-)

Birthday: August 20

Zodiac: Leo/Monkey

Likes: play games, dance, eat red velvet cake and other sweets, loves pranks

Dislikes: Angry villagers, fools gold

Favourite Anime: Fruit Basket, Dragon Maid, Skip Beat

Friends: Miki (Feeds me her enemies in her famous red velvet cake) Yuki (Feeds me candy) and anyone who gives me candy.

Enemies: Thieves

Quote: Am I like a human yet?


  • Her name is “Seraphine” but is also known as “Sera.”
  • She gets bored easily, especially of her former life in the cave, deciding to run away to live with humans, even if they get boring sometimes.
  • She lives a nomadic life, enjoying adventuring and exploring various different territories with humans.
  • She’s full of energy and loves to play games but watch out, she can be mischievous as well.
  • She used to kill villagers who wanted to steal her treasure, though she only really wants to be friends (after providing that you don’t take her treasure.)
  • As an adept magical being, she is able to transform from dragon to human quickly, though she prefers her human form. When she’s in her human form, she is 172cm tall and weight is 115 pounds. In her dragon form, her height is 1720cm tall and weighs 10 tonnes. She claims that her pair of horns and her purple tail weigh a combined weight of 2 tonnes out of the 10 and that she’s light for a dragon. It is unknown how much they weigh in her human form, but her magic conveniently masks the weight of it.
  • She loves to eat sweets, any and all sweets, though she enjoys a good bunch of grapes on occasion.
  • She tries very hard to be like a human, but is a little clueless on what a human exactly is or is meant to act like sometimes.
  • She’s very friendly and wants to be friends with everyone who is nice to her (so she warns you to make sure that you don’t steal her treasure).

Name: Pidge
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Type: Otaku

Blood Type: O

Birthday: May 18

Zodiac: Taurus/Snake

Likes: Anime, Yaoi, shipping my OTPs, Gaara, Rilakkuma, spending a whole day at home watching anime and playing video games, K-dramas

Dislikes: Sword Art Online, trash waifus and husbandos, bad anime

Favorite anime: Poko’s Udon World, Voltron

Friends: HEAVY MEAT, and I’m friends with all of the maids! They are all so cute (●♡∀♡)

Enemies: Anyone who likes Sword Art Online.

Quote: “He is so stupid, he would forget to die even if you killed him.” – Kazoe Kato


  • Pidge is a former NEET (Not in employment, education, or training.)
  • Pidge has many nicknames, including Plidge, Lidge, Pudge and Ledge.
  • She spends her nights watching anime, Korean dramas, and playing rhythm games then goes on to spend her days sleeping.
  • If there is a will, or two characters standing next to each other on screen in an anime, there is ship she’s willing to sail until the ends of the earth.
  • Pidge lives by her nindo, her ninja way. She did not become a ninja and did not pass the Chuunin exam and ended up as a NEET. Sadly her parents thought that “ninja” wasn’t an acceptable profession and tried to crush her dreams to get a “real job” like her family of defence lawyers. She still believes in her dreams to become a ninja and didn’t pursue a legal degree.
  • She is excitable, silly, and a huge loser. She has also been known to be described as judgmental by people unfamiliar with her as she has a tendency to call waifus/husbandos as trash but it’s all talk, she really doesn’t mean it.
  • You can find her at any time obsessing over one thing or another depending on what’s currently piqued her interests or crying about anime. Her current husbando is the sandy boy Gaara.

Name: Nigami Shiino
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Type: Ghost

Blood type: AB

Zodiac: Pisces/Rat

Birthday: February 21

Likes: Romance, reading, and kittens

Dislikes: Horror movies, insects, and being murdered

Favorite anime: Ouran Highschool Host Club

Friends: Anyone who can see her

Enemies: Miki, Hayashi

Quote: “Seeing all of your smiling faces here… Just makes life worth– ah, you know what I mean…”


  • Her name is a play on the Japanese phrase “死の苦味” or “Shi no nigami” which translates to “bitterness in death”.
  • While she was alive, she had the misfortune of witnessing Miki slaughtering one of her many rivals in a dark alley one evening. To avoid another warrant from the FEDs, Miki “disposed” of Nigami.
  • She is unable to move on from this world and is bitter about her murder. She expresses that she hates Miki for killing her and wants to share her story, although she says she doesn’t want to talk about it.
  • Although she is a ghost and cannot be seen at all times, she has been known to haunt Miki at all hours of the day and night. Only those standing close to Miki will see her when she demands attention from her murderess.
  • She is often lonely and is determined to make those gifted with the ability to see her happy. She does not wish to scare anyone, but rather craves for mortals to spend time in her presence pleasantly.
  • In life, she was a shy girl. Since her death, she has been able to overcome her fears, mostly, she is still quite shy even in death.
  • She frequently talks about things she loved in life, and is especially fond of romanticizing her love interest. Although she cannot remember his name or even what he looks like, she believes that they will one day be reunited and are meant to be together in death.
  • She becomes ecstatic whenever she encounters a stranger gifted with the ability to see her, and will follow them around until they acknowledge her presence. Often, she mistakes the gifted individual for her beloved love interest, no matter what they look like.

Name: Ayamo Ari
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Type: Fairy Prankster
Blood Type: Fairy Blood (it’s a secret)
Birthday: March 9
Zodiac: Pisces/Rabbit
Likes: Humans, pranks, games, cute stuff <3
Dislikes: Iron, serious talks, untidiness
Favourite anime: Ouran Highschool Host Club, Fruit Basket, Aggretsuko
Friends: Lily Charlotte’s Best friend, animals, nice humans
Enemies: Nobody in particular. 🙂
Quote: “Oooo what’s this??”

  • She is curious about human nature, wanting to examine the species up close and personal. Fairies typically don’t interact with humans and usually prefer to hide in the tree-filled landscape, but she considers herself an exception to that stereotype.
  • She is completely harmless, although she enjoys pulling a good prank on occasion; most of which are too small to notice the difference between the prank and reality. She isn’t a fan of being a thorn in one’s side, instead prefers to make people laugh.
  • She isn’t particularly adept with her magic abilities, but she tries her best to use them when she’s confident. She aspires to have great magical abilities like the forest deity, Kyosuke and tries to appeal to him while in his presence to be granted access to his academy.
  • She is an avid fan of cute things, like plushies and has a fondness for gifts. While she’s studying the human species, she loved the idea of collecting things and has a great deal of the stuffed toys that may or may not be her attempt to understand what gifts are in human culture.
  • She can be easily excited by the smallest things, even if they’re not alway the best outcome for a situation and she is determined to stay positive when things go south.
  • She has known Lily since they were young. They share fond memories of their carefree time wandering into questionable territory, often resulting in a small amount of punishment from older guardians in the forest.

Name: Candy Shroom
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Type: Sleepy Time Mushroom

Blood Type: Psilocybin

Birthday: April 20

Zodiac: Taurus/Ox

Likes: Naps, Quiet Reading Time, Red Bull,

Dislikes: Alarm Clocks, Loud Noises

Favorite anime: Yuru Camp, Sasami-san@Ganbaranai, Bloom into You

Friends: Reasonably acquainted with everyone, friends with Miki, Oliver & Dorian from back in the “Old Days”
Enemies: Debt collectors

Quote: “Life is shitake, take a nap”


  • She’s the single guardian to her younger sporeling sisters. Though she is fungus, she is not a fun guy but a fun girl if you like taking long naps.
  • Her humanoid shape is a biological mixture of several types of fungi such as Mycena Cyanorrhiza and Guepinia and some slime mold. She’s not a deadly fungus, but she has been known to sleepwalk in this humanoid form.
  • She apparently works three jobs to keep the compost on the table for her sporeling sisters. If she has any extra funds after providing for her sisters, she has been known to spend them on pillows. Obviously this is for her own comfort.
  • Like most fungi, she prefers to avoid sunlight at all cost. If she’s caught out and about in the sun, she will find the comfort of nice composting units closest to her to nap in.
  • Her eyesight is quite terrible and can’t see without them, though it is possible for her to use gills to locate objects around her to avoid cuts and bruises.
  • She spends a good portion of her spare time getting lost in the woods around Lorelei’s lake. While on the run from the FEDs, Miki recruited the sleeping fungus in the woods. With much effort, Candy Shroom was moved to a facility deep underneath the lake and slept through the ordeal. She still has underground access to the woods if she decided to sleep walk away.

Name: Nina Tendo

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Type: Gaming Simulation

Blood Type: Pixels

Birthday: November 29, 1972

Zodiac: Sagittarius/Rat

Likes: Winning the final boss fight, getting the highest score, Hugs

Dislikes: Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde

Favorite anime: No game, No life.

Friends: Pidge, Heavy Meat

Enemies: Nobody 🙂

Quote: “Life is a game, No need to take it seriously, seriously.”


  • The hologram Nina Tendo exists only in the virtual realm as Player 1 in a virtual reality simulation Dorian’s father invested in during the 1970’s. It was a highly secretive project until 1972, when her first unit was released.
  • Nina has been summoned by Miki to do her bidding after an investigation conducted by the FEDs regarding a chip malfunction that removed Nina from the simulation. She still believes that the simulation is the real reality.
  • Her first human interaction outside of the simulation was with Pidge, who attempted to reprogram an old gaming console so she could scroll through her favourite ninja-based websites. Sadly Pidge’s plan backfired and the FEDs were sent in search of the chip malfunction.
  • The malfunctioning chip was accidentally repaired by Midori while gaming with Pidge, though the gaming was more along the lines of a visual novel than anything else.
  • Her goal is to get the highest score possibly calculated in the simulation. There has only been one known instance where a human has broken her high score, but she would like to keep that a secret in her algorithm.
  • She loves to make friends but now has to do it in a different realm: Earth.
  • She loves to have fun in the game and is currently searching for her Player 2. Do you have the guts to join her as her Player 2?
  • She has a “secret” mode that allows her to Godmod her simulation after humans have entered her realm without the help of any external programming aside from clever notes from Miki. According to Miki’s secret programming files, it transports all players onto a map of an island with limited resources and only one randomized weapon equipped. There are more than one weapon slots available to all players, but they can only get more weapons if they kill each other in the Battle Royale-style. The “winner” receives all of the weapons on the map and a chance to duel Nina herself, though nobody has been successful to beat her in this mode.

Name: Xio
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Type: Faun girl

Blood Type: B

Birthday: April 10

Zodiac: Aries/Dragon

Likes: Herbal tea, veggie burgers, feeling useful, helping others

Dislikes: Wasting time, being late, meat

Favorite anime: Ancient Magus’ Bride

Friends: Criteria undetectable

Enemies: Criteria undetectable

Quote: “Anything’s possible if you put your mind to it!”


  • Xio transformed from a sika deer into a humanoid form with the magic from a famous archmage long ago, becoming the personal servant to the archmage. Some of the magical abilities the archmage had were passed on to her, including healing abilities and transformation. Her master considers her to be his “best work” due to the fact that his skills were passed on to her.
  • Miki acquired Xio after winning a bet with the archmage, who was a sore loser about the loss. The mage no longer shows his face due to the humiliation of losing to Miki and doesn’t wish to be named publicly to remain anonymous.
  • She’s happy-go-lucky, but can go through periods of time where she doesn’t feel like she’s useful to anyone. Her attitude towards life is always positive despite the fact that she sometimes needs a little bit of encouragement to feel integral to the wellbeing of others, she’s hardworking and loyal and a real asset to the success of Miki’s institutions.
  • She is very particular about the pronunciation of her name, as it is often mispronounced as “Shee-oh” instead of “Zee-oh” due to the pronunciation of similar names.

Name: Luna Saturndiie
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Type: Bug

Blood Type: Criteria undetectable

Birthday: February 2

Zodiac: Aquarius/Ox

Likes: Collecting bugs, fighting for causes, intellectual conversations, honeycomb

Dislikes: People who dislike bugs, broken promises

Favourite Anime: Anything with bugs

Friends: Hercules beetles, Dorian, Miki

Enemies: People who don’t like bugs

Quote: “Sometimes the smallest things have take up the most room in your heart.”


  • She’s obsessed with collecting bugs, believing that she’s truly the “Queen of Bugs” and it is her life mission to save all off the bugs she possibly can. Her favourites are the rare Hercules beetles native in the tropical regions in Central and South America.
  • She raises several colonies of honeybees as an attempt to prevent the species from becoming extinct due to colony collapse disorder. Her intention is to release the bees back into the wild, but she never has the heart to let them go.
  • Her family has business ties to Dorian’s father, due to their ethical harvesting of Royal Jelly that’s marketed as Dorian’s beauty secret. Since their trade scheme was such a success, they were quite wealthy and could afford to send her all of the bugs she possibly wanted without having to partake in the harvest of Royal Jelly. Dorian personally requests that Luna stands at least two meters away from him at all times, due to his distaste for bugs but not for her family’s Royal Jelly.
  • She believes that Dorian’s involvement with Miki’s institutions are a great charitable cause and offered her assistance to Miki unaware of the true nature of the institutions.
  • While on a business trip in search of more bee colonies to rescue, she stumbled upon a gigantic golden Hercules Beetle in the ruins of Machu Picchu. Without thinking, she immediately rescued this rare specimen and rode off into the Peruvian sunset on her noble steed (alpaca) to her family’s private jet. She named the beetle Sir Walter Wallace-Rasputin I, but the name is often shortened to “Pierrot”.
  • When she’s not preserving the lives of many bugs, she enjoys a good old fashioned Kaiju film and knitting. Obviously Mothra is her favourite Kaiju and has crafted many wooly versions of the giant moth since she can’t purchase official Mothra merchandise.

Name: Midori Nami
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Type: Cool Oneesan

Blood Type: AB

Birthday: September 5

Zodiac: Virgo/Monkey

Likes: (In public) Tennis, reading, organization, cooking

(In private) anime, manga, figurines, dramas, gaming

Dislikes: rodents, bad grades, incorrect grammar, when you run out of Doritos

Favorite anime: Boku no Hero Academia (!!!!), Cardcaptor Sakura, Bokurano, One Piece, Shingeki no Kyojin, Boruto, Sailor Moon, Kuroko no Basuke (…they’re ok, I guess)

Friends: Pidge, Nina Tendo, Yuki, Dorian, Anyone with great grammar skills

Enemies: Jeikke (Rival)

Quote: “Just when you think things can’t get worse, your fav character dies :/“


  • Midori is the eldest child in her family and claims herself as the balancing force between her younger siblings. She has been known to keep her calm and cool nature through the most difficult of situations, even if the outcome of success is slim. Somehow, she always makes it out like she hasn’t even been scratched.
  • She considers herself to be a “pretty average” student despite the fact that she has maintained her honour roll status for three straight years at her University. Her parents hope that she uses her intelligence to become a Defence Lawyer in the future.
  • She’s known Jeikke since they were young and have always passively competed against each other for the top grades despite always ending up with the second-best grades in their class, intentionally picking the same University as him to continue competing with him for the best grades.
  • She was granted a scholarship sponsored by Dorian’s father at a young age to attend a specialized school in Osaka, where she befriended Yuki. The two were separated for many years and were finally reunited after Miki and Dorian recruited them for her non-profit institution.
  • She does most of the laundry in her house, which consumes a lot of her time if she’s already completed her homework or papers. On the rare occasion that she has some downtime, she enjoys a good bag of Doritos while watching the latest season of Cardcaptor Sakura or gaming online without amateurs in her team. It’s not known if she consumes Mountain Dew with her Doritos but the possibility is high.
  • She once entered Nina Tendo’s virtual realm with Pidge during a gaming session after her studies were completed. Somehow, Midori reprogrammed the malfunctioning chip that alerted the FEDs in order to divert an encounter with the authorities.
  • She secretly fears that society is slowly adopting poor grammar skills and normalizing below-average grades as acceptable forms of education while trying to educate those individuals to do better, just as she does with her siblings.

Name: So-Min
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Type: Genki Alien

Blood Type: Starlight

Birthday: June 13

Zodiac: Gemini/Horse

Likes: Sweet Earth food, Spicy Earth Food, Travel, Adorable Humans

Dislikes: Government Alien Hunters, FEDs

Favorite anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, My Neighbour Seki, Ouran Highschool Host Club, KonoSuba

Friends: Miki, Lorelei, Dorian (?), Heavy Meat

Enemies: The FEDs, Alien Hunters, Dorian (?)

Quote: “Cute humans everywhere! ↹↯↺⇜⇞⇎⇖⇘↺↯↝↟↬↩⥺⥶⥵⥱”


  • While exploring deep space, So-Min discovered the lost signal from Xiona’s ship. She was familiar with the basic speech pattern of the foreign tongue from her spacecraft training academy. Unfortunately, she was a little rusty with the landing protocol and landed in Lorelei’s lake the same way Xiona did.
  • Her original translation of the signal was a call was for back-up for world domination of the Earth, until she clarified with Lorelei that it was just a beeping noise from a malfunctioning chip in Xiona’s ship. She was granted clearance to Dorian’s lakeside mansion and devoured a $10000 box of chocolates that Dorian kept as a souvenir from a defunct luxury chocolatier.
  • Dorian offered her a position as a security programmer to repay the debt of the chocolates and to shelter her from the FEDs and other various governmental Alien tracking groups.
  • According to her, she’s Earth’s #1 Fan despite the fact only she’s the only one that confirms this. Her stubbornness is only strengthened when she eats sweets, though the sugar rush eventually makes her crash and pass out.
  • She has a tendency to wave her arms frantically while running or jumping to denote her excited state. She will deny the fact that humans don’t respond this way while excited, believing that this is the proper way to express her excitement.
  • She keeps a green space squid with her at all times in her spacecraft named “Potato” after discovering the human food substance. The translation roughly denotes the same meaning in her native tongue.
  • While her spacecraft is in use on the surface of the Earth, she uses the cloaking device to disguise it as an Ice Cream Truck. Due to the atmosphere of the Earth corroding the exterior of the vehicle, she routinely repairs it under the surface of Lorelei’s lake, though the landing protocol still gives her trouble on.
  • Her home planet is located in the outer regions of the Milky Way Galaxy and can’t be traced on modern human technology. Due to the distance of her homeworld from the Sun, energy is converted from distant stars through many light years and serves as a prime symbol of the heavens in her native culture. Her name, So-Min or “소민”, is Korean for “Luminous Heavens” and roughly has a similar meaning on her home world.

Name: Jeikke
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Type: Student Council President

Blood Type: A+

Birthday: February 20

Zodiac: Pisces/Tiger

Likes: Studying, flirting, encouraging others, being a good role model

Dislikes: Disorder, bad grades, cats, melted ice cream

Favorite anime: Classroom of the Elite

Enemies: Midori (Rival), Delinquents like Sunako

Friends: Anyone that studies all day, every day

Quote: “No running in the halls! Well..hey wait! Stop doing that!”

“You only need 4 hours of sleep, it leaves more time to study but I’m sure you’d look cute if I watched you sleep! I hope you won’t mind that.”


  • He’s the top student in his class, the maestro of the student organized events and is dedicated to help other students to study and learn. He is the most popular student on campus but he never agrees with that although he would like to be known as a good role model.
  • Ever since he was young, he’s been competing with Midori for the top grades, despite not entirely cluing in that they were academic rivals.
  • When he’s not helping the student body, he helps his professors plan extracurricular activities and class planning. He’s always a head of the academic game.
  • While he is one of the most beloved people on his campus, he is quite easy to tease and make fun of and gets embarrassed when he’s called out. He studied abroad for a few semesters and met Sunako Nishioka, who took advantage of his weakness.
  • He enjoys spending time staying fit and healthy either at the gym or playing baseball. It is unsure if this is because he’s the best player in his league or not.
  • After meeting Sunako abroad, he developed an irrational fear of cats. He still finds them cute but extremely deadly.
  • He wants to become a scientist after he finishes his studies like his former mentor Dr. Nigel Hawthorne, PhD in Cryptomarine Biology. Sadly, his campus realized that Dr. Hawthorne was in no condition to mentor Jeikke with mercury poisoning and assigned him a new mentor. He doesn’t particularly get along with his new mentor and refrains from sharing the name of his new mentor. He still wishes to do good  with his science-y things.
  • When it comes to love and dating he is as oblivious as a brick wall. As much as he enjoys flirting with people, he can never seem to get it when someone is flirting with him.

Name: Hayashi (早死)
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Type: Lazy Shinigami

Blood Type: B-

Birthday: 08/03

Zodiac: Leo/Dragon

Likes: Naps, sweets, cute things like monster girls and cats

Dislikes: Chores, sports, spicy foods, mortals that talk about their feelings too much

Favorite anime: Jigoku Shoujo, Death Note, Death Parade

Friends: Miki, Mofu

Enemies: Nigami

Quote: 酔生夢死

“Drunken life, dreamy death.” (To spend all of one’s time dreaming without accomplishing anything significant)


  • Born to a renowned Shinigami clan, her name is written as  早死  which translates to “swift death” in the English language.
  • She is known to be a lackadaisical shinigami and was punished by her clan elders to do community service on earth during summer vacation. As part of a deal with the gods, Miki offered Hayashi a place to do her community service in exchange for another escape route from the FEDs.
  • Despite being extremely lethargic, she has a god complex and refers to humans as “mortals” when speaking to her.
  • Although she’s immortal and doesn’t require food to exist, she does have a fondness for mortal snacks such as unique flavours of Pocky and Kit Kats. She will take offerings of Pocky and Kit Kat to spare mortals a few extra years alive.
  • She is able to shape-shift as any Shinigami. The intended purpose is to provide a pleasing form to guide the dead to their final resting places, but she mostly uses it to enhance her aesthetic appearance instead of listening to the recently deceased like Nigami and her life stories.
  • She adores cats and monster girls although she not own either a cat or a monster. She does enjoy spending time with Mofu napping in the sun.
  • She values napping over anything else and will go to great lengths to make work easier for her. She hopes to avoid it all together, despite this not always working out in her favour for napping or easy work.

Name: Hoshi
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Type: Unicorn

Blood type: Chocolate

Birthday: May 13

Zodiac: Taurus/Snake

Likes: Cupcakes, cookies, stars, cooking and baking!

Dislikes: The garbage can, liars and cheaters.

Favourite anime: Snow White with the Red Hair, DN Angel, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Friends: Everyone!

Enemies: The media


  • Hoshi’s favourite pastimes include cooking and baking, especially with chocolate. Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, star shaped chocolate. ANYTHING CHOCOLATE!
  • In order to survive, she must eat chocolate every single day. Her magic is not stable in a mortal body.
  • She has be cursed by a famous mage, who’s name is cursed to banish those that speak it from their original form. Hoshi only knows that the curse of banishment will be lifted once she fulfilled her obligations to Miki.
  • When Hoshi isn’t spending her free time cooking or baking, she enjoys a good round of gaming. It doesn’t matter what kind of gaming it is, anything from table-top board games to a good classic RPG or racing game, she would be down for a good game.
  • She has a deep longing to be Nina Tendo’s best friend due to her love of gaming. She hates to admit that she has a favourite game series, she can’t help but love the Legend of Zelda!
  • Anything that sparkles in light distracts her. It is wise not to tempt her with anything that shines brightly.
  • Anything that sparkles in light distracts her. It is wise not to tempt her with anything that shines brightly.
  • She’s aware of the rumours spreading around Kyosuke’s academy about their friendship being closer to lovers than “just friends,” though neither of them acknowledge the rumour.

Name: Kyosuke
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Type:  Ōkami Sensei

Blood Type: Criteria undetectable

Birthday: Criteria undetectable

Zodiac: Criteria undetectable

Likes: Good humans, exploring, hiking in the mountains and delicious meat.

Dislikes: Wild animals, dishonourable humans

Favorite anime: Inuyasha

Friends: Everyone, clearly.

Enemies: No one, unless they are wild animals

Quote: “Don’t judge a person by their looks but by their animal instincts.”


  • Known as the honourable Dean of an academy of fine magical arts, Kyosuke spends his nights wandering the mountain side until moonlight. It is unknown where the location of this academy is or how students are selected to attend it, but it is still shrouded in mystery.
  • During the academic off-season, he spends the majority of his time protecting his rice field from the wilderness.
  • Kyosuke is the sole survivor of an ancient and noble species of forest deities that was eradicated many centuries ago. He managed to survive the massacres with help from Dorian’s forefathers while on expedition to find rare and dangerous good and creatures.
  • Lost travelers are often sighted to remember an encounter with him while they were lost in the mountainous woods. Many cannot remember what he looks like or cannot see his physical body.
  • He has an eternal debt with Dorian’s family to protect them from financial downfall. In order to preserve his honour, he follows Dorian around in his adventures with Miki in her various institutions. He seems to bring in a surplus of revenue for Dorian and Miki.
  • As a deity, he can sense the difference between humanity and animal-kind, Miki frequently employs this gifted power to help her avoid encounters with the FEDs.
  • He enjoys cooking a good meal with Hoshi after a good harvest of his rice fields. The pair are aware that there’s a rumour spreading around his academy that they’re more than “just friends,” opting to avoid the rumour entirely.

Name: Lily Charlotte
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Type: Pegasus Hime (Princess)
Blood Type: Sparkles
Birthday: July 20
Zodiac: Cancer/Goat

Likes: Pink! Pink and more Pink with a dash of sparkles~! Sweets and Cake! Cute and Fluffy stuff! Stuffed Toys! Animals~!
Dislikes: Being Sad, creepy crawlies, anything horror or scary, Miki’s collection of horror manga.
Favorite anime: Shakugan No Shana, All Cardcaptor Sakura Series, Mermaid Melody
Friends: Ayamo and hopefully more!
Enemies: Poachers, cruel circus troupes
Quote: “Does it sparkle?”

  • Born in a far away land, away from human contact; she was raised by her grandparents as the heiress to her Kingdom, despite not wanting to claim the crown, her grandparents pray that she will be a noble ruler one day.
  • Her parents were rumored to have been found and captured by humans when Lily was an infant, leading to her grandparents raising her.
  • She has decided to leave her painful childhood behind, hoping to prove many myths behind about the wickedness of humans in her homeland. While she’s away, her grandparents long for the day her adventures will finally come to a conclusion so they can retired at a comfortable age.
  • She has known Ayamo for many years, meeting her while journeying through a forested region on her Kingdom while searching for rare sparkling pebbles.
  • She is named after the flowering plant “Lilium” or “True Lily.” Her parents decided to name their only child after the flower the found to be the most beautiful and noble as they journeyed through far away lands. She tries her best to present herself as composed as her lineage but sometimes that’s not the case, as she’s actually extremely clumsy.
  • She’s extremely caring about those around her and tries her best to raise moral when negative situations begin. Part of this is due to her close friendship with Ayamo, who shares similar beliefs with her.
  • During her downtime, she enjoys fine sweets and has an addiction to the colour pink.
  • While studying the fine arts of magic at Kyosuke’s Academy, she placed on his honour role. Part of this was due to her family’s close ties to the Deity Deen himself, the other part was due to her fantastic ability to keep a near perfect form of a mortal for hours at a time, aside from her wings, which are forever bound to her form. When her illusion breaks, it often leaves her exhausted and extremely hungry.
  • She has a tendency to erase the memories of those that come into contact with her due to her imperfect illusion. This has happened on several occasions but will take into consideration those that ask her to keep their memories in exchange for not asking personal questions.