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Ai-kon 2022 Biographies

Name: Miki

Type: Yandere

Blood Type: B+

Birthday: November 13

Zodiac: Scorpio/Goat

Likes: Romance, sharp objects, eyeballs

Dislikes: Rejection, romantic rivals, the FBI

Favorite anime: Mostly reads horror manga she hoarded because it’s difficult to find reliable internet access when you’re on the run

Friends: Everyone! <3

Enemies: None. They were converted ☺ 

Quote: “The only thing they can get me for is running a funeral parlor without a license!”


  • Runs the Maid Café as a completely charitable organization and most definitely not as a cover for criminal operations (definitely will NOT send Sunako’s gang after anyone who gets too curious) 
  • When not participating in Maid events, she lives in a submarine in international waters to avoid prosecution for any crimes. Please do not look for it. Lorelei is permitted to enter when she gets tired of swimming.
  • Obsessed with all kinds of killing games or fight-to-the death contests. It is unclear if she has ever participated in one.
  • Loves animals!
  • Enjoys romantic destination vacations like relaxing on the beach in Cuba, cherry blossom viewing in Japan, and exploring the catacombs beneath Paris where no one will ever be able to find you again
  • Serial killer enthusiast. Dorian buys her rare murderabilia.
  • Wanted to be a surgeon, but couldn’t get into medical school due to “personality issues”, so she practices on unfortunate ex-boyfriends
  • Married to Oliver, who bears an uncanny resemblance to a missing man from a remote Scandinavian country. Neither of them will confirm or deny this coincidence.

Name: Sunako Nishioka (西岡砂子)

Type: Sukeban/Delinquent

Blood Type: O

Birthday: January 16

Zodiac: Libra/Dragon

Likes: Not a lot of things

Dislikes: A lot of things

Favorite anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion and Durarara!!

Friends: N/A

Enemies: N/A

Quote: “Big deal, death comes with the territory. See you in Disneyland.”


  • Chaotic neutral. Rules are suggestions, authority is a word, and tradition is boring to her. Sunako does what she wants, when she wants. 
  • Started her own gang after being rejected by another gang for being a girl. Due to unknown circumstances, the gang who turned her away disbanded soon after the formation of her’s. 
  • Participates in Maid Café because she is a charitable person, and definitely NOT because Miki employs Sunako and her gang to “take care” of people. 
  • Sunako and her gang definitely won’t “get rid” of people for hire… BUT if she did, it’s certainly not for free. Dorian will occasionally pay Sunako to “dispose of some unsightly filth”. 
  • She was a former J-POP idol trainee before her contract was terminated for her “aggressive tendencies” and “crude language”. Despite this, she retains some dance training. 
  • Can and will sleep for +20 hours if you let her. Thankfully, Pocchi (her stuffed animal, and second in command to her gang) keeps her on a normal sleep schedule. 
  • Enjoys poking fun at Jeiku, and causing trouble for the student council simply because she can, and just to see what happens. 
  • Hates people who litter and are not considerate of the environment, especially bodies of water. Upon learning of construction that could disrupt the ecosystem of Lorelei’s lake, she and her gang held a “friendly” protest. 
  • Would rather not acknowledge her older brother, Yuuki

Name: Lorelei

Type: Tsundere

Blood Type: Freshwater

Birthday: May 27

Zodiac: Gemini/Snake

Likes: Quite a lot of things, maybe you should ask 😉

Dislikes: Everything she’s allergic to

Favorite anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Fist of the North Star

Friends: Miki, Sunako, Dorian, Jeiku, Ryoma, Heavy Meat (Meat Heavy)

Neutral: Mofu-Mofu

Enemies: N/A

Quote: “What, you egg?”


  • Passive-aggressive and snarky with those she’s fond of, Lorelei never admits she actually cares about her favorites until it ends in tears. Dry humor.
  • Origins of Lorelei are unknown, but traces her roots from the Middle Rhine in Germany. The name Lorelei comes from an old Germanic dialect from the Rhine that roughly translates to “murmuring rock” in English. Despite being from Middle Rhine, Germany, the only human language that she’s really accustomed to is English. 
  • Her family hails from the freshwater variety of Merpeople, she now resides in a lovely freshwater lake that’s similar to her homeland. Land of course, proves to be more exciting than the water unless she’s scheduling a heist with her boss Miki and could probably locate the best hiding spots for Sunako’s gang.
  • Dorian granted her access to his private lakeside mansion that happens to be the only above ground building on the lakeside of Lorelei’s lake. Locating the lake itself is a difficult job, so this was a prime spot for the expensive mansion to be built.
  • If you’re fond of music, you’ll get along with Lorelei. She’s fond of listening to a variety of genres. Anything from classical to progressive metal. Though, she is also a fan of jazz and the old boy band hits of the 1990’s. Her current Spotify playlists feature a lot of Eurovision hits such as Go_A’s Shum and The Rasmus’s Jezebel.
  • She’s a die-hard literary nerd and loves poetry. Writes poetry in the style of ye olde masters of days gone by – Shakespeare, W. B. Yeats. The list could go on, and on.
  • She’s allergic to alot of environmental hazards, including human food items that most people can eat and would be considered to have celiac disease in human medical terms.
  • World famous scientist, Dr. Nigel Hawthorne, PhD in Cryptomarine Biology has been the only known successful scientist to come in contact with Lorelei. Due to his curiosity and attempts to woo her, she gave him mercury poisoning. Despite this, she remains the closest thing to a romantic partner for the doctor.

Name: Dorian Frederick de Jarjeyes VII 

Type: Oujisama (Prince)

Blood Type: Rich

Birthday: September 9 

Zodiac: Virgo/Rooster

Likes: Money, shopping, designer labels, desserts

Dislikes: Bad fashion, poor hygiene, dirt, rudeness, waiting in long lines

Favorite anime: Sailor Moon, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Bridgerton, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Friends: Miki, Lorelei, Mofu, Ryoma, Sunako, Jeiku, or anyone of esteem and distinction

Enemies: N/A (Enemies are either bribed or [redacted])

Quote: “Is this lactose free?”


  • Dorian has more money than you and will make that explicitly clear to you upon first meeting him. 
  • He is the prince of a kingdom in western Europe, despite having no accent or affectation. When asked about his country of origin he states that it’s a very old, very small, independent city-state that most maps tend to not list due to its size. 
  • His father forced him to work with Miki as a way to make him more humble. Dorian secretly acts as liaison between Miki and his father’s “connections” to ensure that her business ventures remain fully funded and her actions are kept secret. 
  • Dorian’s family acts as a financial sponsor for academic scholarships throughout various cities in Japan, mainly in Osaka, Tokyo, Brooklyn, and Battle City™.
  • He frequently vacations at his lakeside property frequently and often. Reasons being due to an allergy to the sun, insects, pollen, dust, heat, manual labour, and stupid people. It’s said to be either haunted, cursed, inhabited by ancient aliens, a tax haven, or home to an evil cult. Dorian however, supports taxing the rich.
  • Dorian once hired Sunako Nishioka to eliminate a photographer that took an unflattering photo of him. He later settled on suing him for defamation instead.

Name: Mofu-Mofu (もふもふ)

Type: Cat..girl? 

Blood Type: A+

Birthday: April 14th

Zodiac: Aries/Tiger

Likes: Fish cakes, catnip, sunlight, warm blankets, head pats

Dislikes: Loud noises, water, small-talk, anything sticky that could get caught in her fur

Favorite anime: Aggretsuko, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan

Friends: Dorian, Miki, Jeiku, Knife, 

Neutral: Lorelei

Enemies: Hello Kitty

Quote: “Hello Kitty an insult to all REAL cat girls. She’s just a girl in a cat costume!!!!”


  • She is a stray cat that ended up on the doorstep of the maid cafe one year. Not much is known about her origins, but it is said she ran away from a cult to find her place in the world. 
  • Gets along fairly well with Miki and Dorian, as they are the ones who took her into the maid cafe. 
  • Generally friendly, can be bribed with fish cakes in exchange for friendship or divulging information. 
  • Bit of a hot-head when things don’t go exactly as planned, will hiss at things or those she doesn’t like. 
  • Sees Hello Kitty as a threat and a fake.
  • Has a mischievous streak, likes to pester the patrons and members of Maid Cafe during her downtime. 
  • Knife frequently sneaks her fish cakes from the kitchen, keeping her satiated.

Name: Jeiku

Type: Student Council President

Charm points: glasses, armband, president laurel/chain

Blood Type: A+

Birthday: February 20

Zodiac: Pisces/Tiger

Likes: Studying, flirting, encouraging others, being a good role model

Dislikes: Disorder, bad grades, cats, melted ice cream

Favorite anime: Spy x Family

Friends: Dorian, Lorelei, Mofu, Ryoma and anyone that studies all day, every day

Enemies: Delinquents like Sunako

Quote: “No running in the halls! Well..hey wait! Stop doing that!” 

“You only need 4 hours of sleep, it leaves more time to study. But if you ever need to take a break my shoulder is available!”


  • He’s the top student in his class, the maestro of the student organized events and is dedicated to help other students to study and learn. He is the most popular student on campus but he never agrees with that although he would like to be known as a good role model. 
  • When he’s not helping the student body, he helps his professors plan extracurricular activities and class planning. He’s always a head of the academic game.
  • While he is one of the most beloved people on his campus, he is quite easy to tease and make fun of and gets embarrassed when he’s called out. He studied abroad for a few semesters and met Sunako Nishioka, who took advantage of his weakness. 
  • He enjoys spending time staying fit and healthy either at the gym or playing baseball. It is unsure if this is because he’s the best player in his league or not.
  • After meeting Sunako abroad, he developed an irrational fear of cats. He still finds them cute but extremely deadly.
  • Enjoys sparring kendo with Ryoma, but has no idea he’s a ninja. This means he treats him just as a normal friend, and calls him Ryoma-kun.
  • When it comes to love and dating he is as oblivious as a brick wall. As much as he enjoys flirting with people, he can never seem to get it when someone is flirting with him. 

Name: Snax O’lotl

Type: Fatherly Nerd

Blood type: unknown 

Birthday: July 14th 

Zodiac: Cancer/Rooster

Likes: Snacks, Axolotls, anime and gaming

Dislikes: bitter food, mean people, bullies and loud noises 

Fave anime: Horror and Shonen

Friends: The cafe and customers of said cafe, also his Fiancé

Enemies: Those who make trouble for me, my friends, the cafe and Ai-kon

Quote: “Friends call me Snax, what can I do for ya?”


  • Recently employed by the cafe, Snax took on a fatherly role to his patrons and fellow maids/butlers as a supportive friend who anyone can vent to.
  • He spends a lot of time making and eating snacks with his fiancé, playing video games and dungeons and dragons. A huge nerd under his husky physique, overall just a big softy that cares for his friends.
  • Enjoys the company of his friends and loved ones. Will gladly serve tea and sweets to anyone who walks into his home, or the cafe.

Name: Ryoma Akamaru

Type: Shinobi No Mono

Blood type: Classified

Birthday: Classified

Zodiac: Classified

Likes: Practicing Bushido, Collecting Weapons, Reading Ninja Scrolls, Dinosaurs, SWEETS

Dislikes: Bitter tinctures, country music, sand  

Fave anime: Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Joukamachi no Dandelion, Anything Kamen Rider/Super Sentai related

Friends: Maids and Butlers of the café, anyone who wears anything red

Enemies: Potential threats to the Maid Café, Tusken Raiders, Tusken Raiders that specifically pose a threat to the Maid Café

Quote: “Every move I make is calculated.”


  • He is a ninja with a high proficiency in Yonin technique; currently in service as a retainer to Miki.
  • He was given the nickname “Aka-chan” from his fellow ninja classmates.
  • Currently, he’s been researching more Saurus-no-jutsu: the art of summoning the power of dinosaurs.
  • When he’s not on the job, he spends his free time playing video games and D&D with Snax.
  • A little known fact is that he has worked in the shadows on behalf of the Maid Café for years now and is finally stepping into the spotlight under Miki’s command.
  • Has formed a special alliance with Seraphine to observe shifts in the multiverse that could otherwise threaten the existence of the Maid Café.
  • will protect Knife with his life.

Name: Nigami Shiino

Type: Ghost

Blood type: AB

Zodiac: Pisces/Rat

Birthday: February 21

Likes: Romance, reading, and kittens

Dislikes: Horror movies, insects, and being murdered

Favorite anime: Ouran Highschool Host Club

Friends: Anyone who can see her

Enemies: Miki

Quote: “Seeing all of your smiling faces here… Just makes life worth– ah, you know what I mean…”


  • Her name is a play on the Japanese phrase “死の苦味” or “Shi no nigami” which translates to “bitterness in death”. 
  • While she was alive, she had the misfortune of witnessing Miki slaughtering one of her many rivals in a dark alley one evening. To avoid another warrant from the FEDs, Miki “disposed” of Nigami.
  • She is unable to move on from this world and is bitter about her murder. She often expresses that she hates Miki for killing her, and haunts her day and night. However, she is not scary at all so this doesn’t appear to be working.
  • Came to the Maid Cafe so she could keep an eye on Miki and prevent as many murders as he can. However, those who she cannot save are more than welcome to join her support group for the deceased.
  • She has very mixed feelings about Halloween. She loves making friends with all the ghosts and spirits walking about, but she is deathly afraid of the costumes the mortals are wearing.
  • In life, she was a shy girl. Since her death, she became, in her own words, “relentlessly cheerful”. She insists that it is definitely not a cover-up for “soul-crushing loneliness”, but this seems too specific to be made up.
  • She frequently talks about things she once loved in life, and is especially fond of romanticizing her love interest. Although she cannot remember his name or even what he looks like, she believes that they will one day be reunited and are meant to be together in death. 
  • She becomes ecstatic whenever she encounters a stranger gifted with the ability to see her, and will follow them around until they acknowledge her presence. Often, she mistakes the gifted individual for her beloved love interest, no matter what they look like.

Name: Lily Charlotte

Type: Pegasus Hime (Princess)

Blood Type: Sparkles

Birthday: July 20

Zodiac: Cancer/Goat

Likes: Pink! Pink and more Pink with a dash of sparkles~! Sweets and Cake! Cute and Fluffy stuff! Stuffed Toys! Animals~!

Dislikes: Being Sad, creepy crawlies, anything horror or scary, Miki’s collection of horror manga.

Favorite anime: Shakugan No Shana, All Cardcaptor Sakura Series, Mermaid Melody

Friends: Ayamo and hopefully more!

Enemies: Poachers, cruel circus troupes

Quote: “Does it sparkle?”


  • Born in a far away land, away from human contact; she was raised by her grandparents as the heiress to her Kingdom, despite not wanting to claim the crown, her grandparents pray that she will be a noble ruler one day.
  • Her parents were rumored to have been found and captured by humans when Lily was an infant, leading to her grandparents raising her.
  • She has decided to leave her painful childhood behind, hoping to prove many myths behind about the wickedness of humans in her homeland. While she’s away, her grandparents long for the day her adventures will finally come to a conclusion so they can retire at a comfortable age.
  • She has known Ayamo for many years, meeting her while journeying through a forested region of her Kingdom while searching for rare sparkling pebbles.
  • She is named after the flowering plant “Lilium” or “True Lily.” Her parents decided to name their only child after the flower found to be the most beautiful and noble as they journeyed through far away lands. IShe tries her best to present herself as composed as her lineage but sometimes that’s not the case, as she’s actually extremely clumsy.
  • She’s extremely caring about those around her and tries her best to raise morale when negative situations begin. Part of this is due to her close friendship with Ayamo, who shares similar beliefs with her.
  • During her downtime, she enjoys fine sweets and has an addiction to the color pink.
  • While studying the fine arts of magic at Kyosuke’s Academy, she placed on his honor role. Part of this was due to her family’s close ties to the Deity Deen himself, the other part was due to her fantastic ability to keep a near perfect form of a mortal for hours at a time, aside from her wings, which are forever bound to her form. When her illusion breaks, it often leaves her exhausted and extremely hungry.
  • She has a tendency to erase the memories of those that come into contact with her due to her imperfect illusion. This has happened on several occasions but will take into consideration those that ask her to keep their memories in exchange for not asking personal questions.

Name: Ayamo Ari

Type: Fairy Prankster

Blood Type: Fairy Blood (it’s a secret)

Birthday: March 9

Zodiac: Pisces/Rabbit

Likes: Humans, pranks, games, cute stuff <3

Dislikes: Iron, serious talks, untidiness

Favourite anime: Ouran Highschool Host Club, Fruit Basket, Aggretsuko

Friends: Lily Charlotte’s Best friend, animals, nice humans

Enemies: Nobody in particular. 🙂

Quote: “Oooo what’s this??”


  • She is curious about human nature, wanting to examine the species up close and personal. Fairies typically don’t interact with humans and usually prefer to hide in the tree-filled landscape, but she considers herself an exception to that stereotype.
  • She is completely harmless, although she enjoys pulling a good prank on occasion; most of which are too small to notice the difference between the prank and reality. She isn’t a fan of being a thorn in one’s side, instead prefers to make people laugh.
  • She isn’t particularly adept with her magic abilities, but she tries her best to use them when she’s confident. She aspires to have great magical abilities like the forest deity, Kyosuke and tries to appeal to him while in his presence to be granted access to his academy.
  • She is an avid fan of cute things, like plushies and has a fondness for gifts. While she’s studying the human species, she loves the idea of collecting things and has a great deal of the stuffed toys that may or may not be her attempt to understand what gifts are in human culture.
  • She can be easily excited by the smallest things, even if they’re not alway the best outcome for a situation and she is determined to stay positive when things go south.
  • She has known Lily since they were young. They share fond memories of their carefree time wandering into questionable territory, often resulting in a small amount of punishment from older guardians in the forest.