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Ai-kon 2018 Panels

A Beginners Guide To Making AMVs
Presented by: Anna Binder
Do you like anime? Have you listened to A Song before? Congratulations you’ve got all the right stuff to make you an amv editor! A beginners guide to making AMV’s (with a side of screenshots from actual editing programs).

Ai-kon Family Feud

Presented by: Victoria and Jamila

Two teams of five people each will compete to name the most popular responses to anime related survey questions to win bragging rights of ultimate anime fans

All Systems Sengoku

Presented by: Jordan Kirby
The mid Sengoku era is the most referenced part of Japanese history outside of WWII.  It was a time of constant wars and betrayals. Join us as we take a journey through the great and not so great anime adaptations of Oda Nobunaga’s rise and fall.

Amigurumi 101 & 102
Presented by: Nagi
Love amigurumi? Have you ever seen little yarn dolls in the dealers room and wondered how they’re made. Come and learn the basics in this interactive panel.

Anime Name That Tune

Presented by: ChandyRan

Once again, it’s time for Anime Name That Tune! Think you know your anisongs? Come and show your knowledge against other music nerds. There are a lot of great prizes in store. It’s fun to watch, and more fun to participate!

Anime Song Sing Along

Presented by: Ross Johnston

Come together and sing some songs with your fellow fans! Sing along to old classics, or find a new favorite you’ve never heard before. Have some fun, and let your voice be heard!

Anime That Don’t Exist

Presented by: Leafgun

Have you ever remembered an announced anime and wondered, “did that ever come out”? We’ll explore a number of notable cancelled, delayed or forgotten shows as well as some shows that may have eventually came out (for better or worse).

Best Soundtracks of 2017

Presented by: Leafgun

Once again, join us to take a look at and sample some of the best and exciting soundtracks of the past year!

Boys Don’t Cry: Masculinity in Japanese Media
Presented by: The Skeleton Crew
What does masculinity mean for an anime character? What are its related tropes? What’s positive about how masculinity plays out in storylines, and where is there space for growth?

Can’t Even Think Straight
Presented by: The Skeleton Crew
Anime & manga are well known for including queer characters/plotlines, but what do they mean for the real world? A discourse on the real life implications of queer media.

Con-Proof Cosplays: Making Functional, Con-Friendly Cosplays for Events Near and Far
Presented by: J Tanooki & Dan Vinci Creative

Are your cosplays con-proof and travel-ready? Can you go to the bathroom, pack your props, and carry your personal items? J Tanooki and Dan Vinci Creative offer their tips to make cosplays functional for local and out-of-town conventions.

Consent Culture in Anime and Manga
Presented by: The Skeleton Crew
Consent can like an intimidating, tedious topic, but we’re here to make it simple and entertaining: anime style! You may be surprised by how consent plays out in anime sometimes…

Cosplay Is Not Consent

Presented by: Kat D
A discussion on harassment in fandom and to provide information to create a safer con experience for everyone.

Dakimakura 101
Presented by: Esato_Niichan

Come join us for an evening to talk about the wonderful world of the Dakimakura! I will explain what Dakimakuras are, why you should buy one and give you all some basic information on where to buy your first authentic Waifu Cover!

Dakimakura 102 (18+)

Presented by: Esato_Niichan
You’ve been to Dakimakura 101 and want more?
Well join me in Dakimakura 102!
This will be an advanced course that will cover fabric types, pillow types, limited covers, proxy shipping, and where to look for covers released during Comiket!

Depression and Anxiety: Raising the discussion across fandoms
Presented by: Tsukii-Sensei
People in the anime community encounter depression and anxiety; but this is often unheard of. This panel is for those who love anime and video games to learn more about these issues and to encourage people to share their experiences in a safe space.

Exploring and Working in Japan
Presented by: JETAA Prairies
Have you ever thought of visiting Japan? How about working in Japan? Come join us and learn about the many different ways you can fulfill your dream of visiting Japan!

Fashion Dolls

Presented by: Brandy Mallory

Cute or weird, fashion dolls can offer a slightly cheaper, and sometimes easier way into the collection of Asia based dolls. Lines like Pullip and Pureneemo often do dolls versions of popular anime characters, and customization is large and ever expanding. While they may lack balls, they make up for it in style.

Getting Started in Artist Alley
Presented by: Rin Claymore Arts, Christopher Benson & Lora Roberts
Are you wanting to join artist alley but don’t know where to start? Then this panel is for you! We will be covering topics such as: display setups, product suppliers, what to bring with you, travelling out of province, and more!

Ghosts and Ghostbusting: The fundamentals of the supernatural
Presented by: Chris-P
The Manitoba Ghostbusters would like to educate guests about the supernatural! Lore from around world different types of spooks, spectres or ghouls and some science about our technology.

Hentai Bingo 18+
Hosted by Jeff Schade and Emily Bourgani
18+ Bingo is back! The game is simple, but the prizes are exotic. Numbers will be called! Embarrassing things will be said! Don’t miss out on some fast and loose fun! Sponsored by Riverside Inn.

How to Flub a Hentai Dub 3: Reloaded, Recoded and We Already Showed It (18+)
Presented by: Wizela
Returning for a third year, How to Flub a Hentai Dub presents… the best-of clips from our first two years, and any additional new clips our “researchers” were able to dig up! (It’s not like anybody makes this stuff anymore…)

If Someone Says It’s Wrong to Have Hope, I Will Tell Them They’re Wrong
Presented by: The Skeleton Crew
Madoka, Sailor Moon, Vash the Stampede, Duck: the trope of “The Heart” is common in anime & manga. They may not be the most powerful, but they show us the strength in compassion & empathy. Come to discuss some classic examples & share your faves.

Jojo’s Bizarre Yoga Adventure
Presented by: Lorelei

Tried and tense from long con walks? Hall photos cramping your style? Lost out on deals in the Marketplace? Join us for Jojo Yoga and release your inner WRRRYYYYY!!!!

K-pop Dance Class – Shine by Pentagon
Presented by: SamSam
Are you ready to meme dance?! Pentagon has taken the K-pop scene by storm with their surprise hit “Shine” which incorporates many of the current “meme” dance moves. Join Galax-E’s Leader in learning this newest K-pop dance craze.

K-Pop Random Dance Game
Presented by: Snow Day Idols
Are you a fan of K-Pop? Do you love to dance? Come join our K-Pop random dance game and dance to the biggest songs in the industry! (Don’t forget to bring a water bottle!)

Let’s Fight! Learning to Love the Fighting Game Scene

Presented by: Chip Damage

Are you curious about fighting games but are worried as to where you should start? Then come check out Let’s Fight! Our panel of local fighting game veterans can help answer any burning questions you have about joining the world of fighting games!

Lip Sync Duels! 18+
Presented by: Justin Ladia
Two otakus will stand before you… this is their last chance to impress and save themselves from elimination. The time has come, for them to lip sync for their life… to your favourite anime and J-pop songs! Who will slay and who will sashay?

LOLs of Localization
Presented by: The Skeleton Crew
Video game localizations today are generally pretty solid, but that hasn’t always been the case. Let’s take a look  at localizations that are bizarre, confusing, and downright bad.

Monster Girls Need Love Too! 18+

Presented by: Candi Shroom

There are many girls worthy of love and praise, and for some of us monster girls are on top of that list! Come learn all about the best monster girls!

Moon Prism Panel, Make Up!

Presented by: ChandyRan

Sailor Moon is an anime juggernaut. From the manga to the anime to the… live action series? The stage musicals?! Come and check out just what gave Sailor Moon the staying power that it has today!

Presented by: Justin Ladia
“Jan! Ken! Pon!” Compete for glory and prizes in this one-shot bracket-style Rock Paper Scissors Tournament! Not playing? Bet on the winner in this high-stakes game of janken! Who’s going to come out on top?

Padding up: Softfoam Armour
Presented by: Solhund Cosplay
Tired of bulky armour that’s hard to pack? Learn how to build foam armour that’s soft as a pillow, how it stacks up against other materials and basic sewing with stretch material.

Post Con Depression and You! (Ver. 1.5)
Presented by: Tsukii-Sensei
Ever experienced Post-Con Depression? No clue how to move past it or how it will affect you? Then this panels for you! Come learn and discuss about this feeling that’s sweeping many con-goers! Also come and share how people can live can strive!

Road to KH3
Presented by: A Kingdom Hearts Fan!
Relive the nostalgia of Disney/Square Enix’s smash-hit, Kingdom Hearts! Join us as we look back into the lore, history, culture, and fandom of a series over a decade in the making. Join the discussion and check out memorabilia in this journey to KH3!

Scraps to Riches

Presented by: Melody Dean Couture
This panel will demonstrate materials and tools one can use to create their own unique accessories. Learn how to identify useful items, while becoming familiar with basic tools/skills of the practice. Learn how to optimize material in deconstruction.

Sewing Tricky Fabrics
Presented by: Komomo Studio
Spandex, leather, and faux fur, oh my! Tired of avoiding certain fabrics? Come learn some tips and techniques on how to work with tricky fabrics, and make them look fantastic!

Swap Meet
Presented by: The Skeleton Crew
Swap your old loot (anime, manga, games, figures, cosplay, cards or other merch) for some new-to-you beauties, floor market style! No 18+ items, no cash exchanges.

Telephone H-Perator 18+
Presented by: The Skeleton Crew
Like the game telephone, but with drawings – risqué drawings! The operator describes to the artist an image that they cannot see, and the artist draws what is described to them. Drawings are projected onscreen for the audience’s amusement!

The History of Anime Retellings and Compilations

Presented by: Cyrus Troche

Anime has had multiple versions of all your favourites long before reboots were a common thing. Compilation movies featuring clips from the show! Retelling featuring old characters in a new or more manga accurate continuity! We will be discussing everything from Eureka Seven to Dragon Ball in this fun filled hour!

The Long and Short of Short Anime

Presented by: ChandyRan

Sometimes the best anime takes less than 30 minutes to watch. Short anime has some of the scariest scenes you’ll ever see and also… Teekyu. Don’t know what that means? Come and sample the best that short anime has to offer.

Top 10 Stylish Video Games.
Presented by: Jordan Kirby
From Killer 7 to Cuphead, Style in video games has come a long way to help smaller games stand out from the pack. I’m going to explore in my opinion, are the top 10 stylish games of all time.

Uncle Jennah’s Story Time 18+

Presented by: Uncle Jennah

Join Uncle Jennah, with some wonderful 18+ Yaoi, interactive bedtime stories! Get your pjs on and get ready for stories, games, prizes and whatever other crazy things comes out of Uncle Jennah’s head! Because she needs YOUR help! Be prepared for a bedtime story you won’t forget!

Unpopular opinions presents!  The sweetest 16.
Presented by: Jordan Kirby & friends
“World” famous unpopular opinions is back!  This time in a march madness style bracket format.  The judges and the audience will figure out what is the best of the topics collectively added to the bracket.  What will rise to the top!

“What are these dancing girls?” An Introduction to the World of Idols
Presented by: Rychu
An introduction to various Idol franchises with multiple hosts, quizzes and prizes!

Win P-Money’s Money!

Presented by: P-Money

Win Chocolate Money! Have fun! Be Entertained!

Winterfest 2018 Events and Panels

Overcoming Shyness and Making Friends
Presented by: Dan
Are you shy, but really want to make friends with the amazing people you meet at Winterfest? We’re here to help! Our goal is to help you learn the skills you need to overcome shyness and make friends with a little help from some classic JRPGs!

K-pop Dance Class – Likey by TWICE
Presented by: Samantha Wiebe
Do you Likey? Cause we Likey! TWICE are known for their catchy music and dance moves, and Likey is no exception! Join local K-pop dance team Galax-E’s leader in learning one of the newest dance crazes to hit the K-pop scene.

So you want to buy a Kimono….
Presented by: Cindy
Interested in owning a kimono or yukata, but don’t know where to find one? This panel will provide tips on where to find kimono, what to look for, and how to purchase a genuine kimono or yukata, and getting it from Japan to your home.

Omamori Craft: Shinto Charms
Presented by: The Skeleton Crew
Across Japan, you can visit any Shinto shrine to meet a shrine maiden and buy a good luck charm called Omamori. Good luck, love, money, success on tests: Omamori do it all. Make your own Omamori with us, and look forward to your bright future!!

Lip Sync Duels!
Presented by: Justin Ladia
Two otakus will stand before you… this is their last chance to impress and save themselves from elimination. The time has come, for them to lip sync for their life… to your favourite anime and J-pop songs! Who will slay and who will sashay?

Sewing Tips and Tricks
Presented by: Komomo Studio
For beginner or intermediate sewers who want to expand their knowledge, or don’t know where to start. Up your sewing game and improve your cosplay!

K-Pop Random Dance Game
Presented by: Snow Day Idols
Know the dance choruses to some of K-Pop’s most popular acts such as TWICE and BTS? Come join us and dance your heart out at our K-Pop Random Dance Game!

Totally Tubular Anime of the 90s
Presented by: ChandyRan
Remember the 90s? Well. they’re back for one night only. Check out the weirdest, wildest, and RADDEST anime of all time. You might even find a hidden gem or two!

Post Con Depression and You!
Presented by: Tsukii-Sensei
Ever experienced Post-Con Depression? No clue how to move past it or how it will affect you? Then this panels for you! Come learn and discuss about this feeling that’s sweeping many con-goers! Also come and share how people can live can strive!

Who’s Your Daddy: An Exploration in Dating Dreamy Dads
Presented by: The Skeleton Crew
Who’s gonna be your Dream? A critical analysis of Dream Daddy’s development, success, and themes. Also fanning ourselves over hot dads.

Anime Munchies: Late Night Candy Class
Presented by: Brandy Mallory
Anime is full of candy. From traditional Japanese sweets to western chocolate bars, fine French pastries to gummy sushi kits, come get your sugar fix. You’ll even get to make your very own Ramune Candy, as well as learn recipes for other easy treats.

The Toughest and Most Difficult Name That Tune
Presented by: Leafgun
This is Name That Tune like you’ve never seen it. You’ll need expert knowledge of challenging and obscure anime to win here! Do you think you have what it takes to be the best of the best?