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Thank you to everyone who participated in the first-ever Ai-Kon Puzzle Hunt!

The puzzles and their solutions (along with respective stats) are now online and can be found right here.

This year is the inaugural year of the Ai-Kon Puzzle Hunt: a weekend-long event that challenges attendees to solve puzzles scattered throughout the RBC Convention Centre in hopes of winning the Grand Prize! This year’s prize is a package that includes a free pass to both Winterfest and Ai-Kon in 2020!

The Puzzle Hunt’s theme this year is “Heroes of Konia”, a story that transforms Ai-Kon into the faraway Kingdom of Konia. By solving puzzles, participants will “recruit” adventurers to help them win a war against evil that threatens the Kingdom, and become the One True Hero and earn its greatest treasure.

Each puzzle you solve correctly gets you a raffle ticket to win the Grand Prize, so the more puzzles you solve, the better your chances to win!

Learn more about how to play by reading the Rules of the Puzzle Hunt.
For the Rules of the Puzzle Hunt, visit the Rules page here.

For the Backstory of Heroes of Konia, visit the Backstory page here.

For the Tome of Knowledge, which may aid participants in their quest to solve the puzzles, go to this page here.

For questions during the hunt, visit Puzzle Hunt Headquarters located in the Marketplace.

Good luck heroes, and for the love of Emina, save this Kingdom!