Puzzle Hunt > The Backstory

Welcome heroes to the Kingdom of Konia, a fabled and faraway land that is ruled by a leader most fair and benevolent, King Douglas.

Although he seems too young to rule over such a vast land, King Douglas has been able to lead the Kingdom to an era of everlasting peace and prosperity. The Konians revere and celebrate the young King as his reign has allowed them to spend their days with nary a worry of a looming threat to their blissful way of living.

Alas, such blatant foreshadowing forces us to reveal that not all is well in Konia. In the darkness of night and under a new moon, a blazing arrow was aimed towards our fair kingdom and lodged itself in the Kingdom’s wooden gates. A hapless knight who was standing watch at the time retrieved the arrow and observed a cloaked, shadowy figure gallop away on horseback. The King, who was soundly sleeping after a night of merriment, was rudely awoken by the young knight, who hurriedly made his way to the palace to deliver the message attached to the arrow, its tip now charred.

Upon reading the message, the King’s eyes shot open and he began to break out into a cold sweat. The letter he received was a declaration of war sent by Aragrim, the ruler of the Dneadu: the army of the undead. Aragrim threatens to raze all of Konia, its riches, and its people to strengthen and build his evil army and take over other kingdoms near and far with his dragons and his accompanying zombie horde. In this letter, Aragrim writes that he will arrive three days to the date of his letter at dusk, on the 28th of this moon cycle. 

Heroes, King Douglas and the Kingdom of Konia has called upon you to defeat the threat of the Dneadu! In order to stop Aragrim, you must find the ten Legendary Adventurers scattered across Konia to aid you in the impending war against him and his horde. Convince as many of the Legendary Adventurers to join your party and you may be the One True Hero to ultimately defeat Aragrim! Only they will be handsomely rewarded by the King with the Kingdom’s greatest riches.

Hurry, hero, there isn’t much time! For the love of Emina, save Konia!