Manitoba’s Largest Anime Convention!

July 21-23, 2017

RBC Convention Centre, 375 York Ave., Winnipeg

Programming > Gamer's Lounge

Gamer’s Lounge

Have some time to kill until your next panel or showing? Then come spend some time with us in the gamer’s lounge! Take a brief glimpse into the history of gaming, as we’ll have a station ready for you to relive some nostalgia, or experience something new and exciting! The titles we carry range from retro classics to the newest and hottest titles on a variety of consoles. Looking to one-up your best friend? We’ll be running tournaments all weekend long for those seeking such thrills in which you’ll go against other con-goers for pride and prizes!  Gamer’s Lounge is for all gamer’s so if video gaming is not your style try some tabletop action.