July 27–29, 2018

RBC Convention Centre, 375 York Ave., Winnipeg

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Video Games Lounge

Have some time to kill until your next panel or showing? Then come spend some time with us in the games lounge! Take a brief glimpse into the history of gaming, as we’ll have a station ready for you to relive some nostalgia, or experience something new and exciting! The titles we carry range from retro classics to the newest and hottest titles on a variety of consoles. Looking to one-up your best friend? We’ll be running tournaments all weekend long for those seeking such thrills in which you’ll go against other con-goers for pride and prizes!

Winter 2018 Tournaments

Below are the exciting tournaments that are being run this winter by the Games Lounge. All tournaments will be held in the Games Lounge room in our Tournament Area. Please see the Games Lounge Volunteer Desk to check out the amazing prizes and to sign up for any that pique your interest!

150cc Mario Kart 8 WiiU

With the fresh smell of burnt rubber, Mario Kart 8 is back by popular demand.  Compete against your friends on tracks from throughout the Nintendo universe, from the familiar lands of the Mushroom kingdom to the fields of Hyrule.  Boost your way to the finish line while dodging banana peels, bob-ombs, and getting hit by blue shells that I swear came out of nowhere.  Use your skill, strength and all of your luck to take home the gold.

Rules: 4 player races, best of 2, top 2 advance, 150cc

Time and Date: Saturday, February 24th, from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Released just in time for Winterfest, we bring you Dragon Ball FighterZ.  With a style mash up of Marvel vs. Capcom and anime fighters like Guilty Gear, this game perfectly captures the hot blooded intensity of what it’s like to be a Z Fighter.  Choose from classic Dragon Ball heroes and villains or play as the new Android 21.  Go head to head with your friends to find out who is the real Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (wow that’s quite a mouthful).

Rules: Bo3 Double Elimination

Time and Date: Saturday, February 24th, from 6:30pm to 10:30pm.

Pop-Up Tournaments

This winter we are showcasing a new type of tournament! Now, this one is a bit of a secret so you will need to come visit us to find out what the fun challenges are.

Tournament Hall of Fame