February 24, 2018

RBC Convention Centre, 375 York Ave., Winnipeg

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Ai-Kon hereby invites representatives of the media to cover the 16th annual summer convention, which will be held in RBC Convention Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba on Friday, July 21st to Sunday, July 23rd.Ai-Kon is dedicated to the celebration, appreciation, and enjoyment of Japanese animation and culture. Thousands attended the convention each year and it offers special opportunities for attendees to connect with like-minded fans who share these same interests.

This is the 16th year of Ai-Kon, the Manitoba’s premiere anime convention. Last year we had over 5,000 attendees join us for the exhilarating experience that is Ai-Kon. We are a 3-day convention that runs 24 hours straight through: all day and all night. There’s always something to do, from opening ceremonies to closing, and the fun never stops. We have attractions for everyone, for every age group, and this year we plan to be the best yet!  With more panels, our massive dealer’s hall, and greater events to attend than ever before!

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