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July 12-14, 2024

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Winterfest Online 2021 is now LIVE!

Posted by Ai Kon on February 27, 2021

We’re finally here! Winterfest Online 2021 is now officially ON! Here’s what you need to know about today:

All of our programming is happening on Twitch and Discord this year! In the Main Panel Room over at, you can watch the community share their knowledge and work with you! Over at Doug’s Guest House at, you can watch our guests play games or participate in a Q&A!

Join us in Discord to chat with the community and for some additional programming including a viewing and the Maid Cafe Karaoke Hour! To join, click here.

Remember, to see what’s happening today, peep the schedule by going to

You can also download the digital guidebook by going here!

Our marketplace is virtual this year and can be found at! Local artists and vendors have prepared a bounty of goods for you to look at, and we also have our very own merch linked in there, too.

This year, we also have a live online auction happening that is open from 12 -7:30 PM CST! Check it out here:

Have a great Winterfest Online 2021, everyone! We hope to see you in the chat!