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Ai-kon 2018 Events and Panels Guidelines

Every year we have an amazing set of fans, collectors, cosplayers, dancers, industry professionals and other interesting members of the anime community present our selection of panels and events at our Ai-kon and Winterfest events.

Panelists and Event organizers help share interesting content, teach arts, create conversations and fun times for everyone! From learning how to make a Japanese style craft, finding out about anime soundtracks or joining others in a game show, we aim to fill our convention with a variety of content for our attendees!

We are always looking for new panels and events! Do you have a skill you want to teach? A passion for discussion? A love of interacting with the audience and creating memories? Check out our Events and Panel Guidelines below for what we’re looking for!

General Rules

  • Ai-Kon is a family friendly con. Please keep all content and language to a PG13 level. (There are exceptions for 18+ Panels which are required to be approved by committee)
  • Please respect Ai-Kon and convention center property. Keep the panel room as clean and as you found it. Do not move around any furniture without permission. Please consult the Ai-Kon panel coordinator if you require a change in room set-up.
  • Arrive at your designated time panel/event start slot in a timely manner. Any cancellations or delays should be reported to the Ai-Kon panel coordinator.
  • Panels that align with Ai-Kon’s mission statement of promoting Asian culture will receive higher priority in acceptance.
  • Please do not begin formally organizing an event/panel until you have received approval by the Ai-Kon panel coordinator.
  • Be mindful of your designated panel/event completion time as other panelists will be awaiting use of the room. There will be a 15-minute buffer between panels for panelists to use for set-up and teardown.
  • As per convention center policies, no outside foods or drinks are allowed in the panel rooms. Special exceptions may apply if this is the preapproved focus of your panel/event by the Ai-Kon panel coordinator.
  • Failure to comply with these rules may result in a ban from hosting future events/panels at Ai-Kon.

18+ Rules

  • Panels that involve ‘Mature content’ including nudity, sexual content, heavy violence or gore, or any other content that is not family friendly (PG13) should be submitted as 18+
  • Audience entry will require ID and all organizers are required to be 18+
  • 18+ Panels should still follow all Canadian laws when it comes to content.
  • While age restricted, these panels are still public. Please be mindful of the audience and provide any additional warnings for content may negatively affect individuals.
  • Photography at 18+ Panels is only allowed by Ai-kon approved photographers

General Information

Winterfest 2019 & Ai-kon 2019 Submissions will be open in the near future.

There are two styles of panel rooms:

A – Theatre style seating. (Audience area is comprised of only chairs facing the panelists)
B – Classroom style seating. (Each row of chairs is accompanied by tables for the audience use)

If you require a different room set up please note it on your application and we will access based on time and manpower available.

Our panel rooms come prepared with:

Two skirted head tables with four chairs for panelists
Projector (HDMI only)*
Projector screen
Stereo sound system

All other equipment to be brought in by the panel/event organizer(s).

*Panelists needing a VGA converter are asked to supply their own

Note: Some equipment may not be available in some non-panel rooms. If you require a room other than a panel room, you may not have access to all features.

All panelists eligible for a free day pass for their panels scheduled date, and weekend passes will be supplied for any panelists running more than one. Additional passes for assistants or groups will be accessed on a case by case base.

Event and Panel Types

Below are the list of Event and Panel types as per our application form. Some panels may not fit neatly into one type, so please select the one that matches the most, or choose “Other” and provide us with full details about your panel layout.

Presentation / Lecture

A presentation of a pre-made slideshow, speech or talk on a set topic. Often includes things like Q&A, audience participation, video examples and physical examples

Do you have a passion for an otaku topic that just needs to be expressed? Want to show off and explore great anime? Or maybe not so great anime? From exploring hobbies from BJDs and model kits; showcasing OSTs, genres and manga; to deep dives into fandom and culture, the possibilities are endless!

What we are looking for:

  • Well researched topics
  • Fun presentations
  • Hosts looking to share information

Craft Panels

A panel in which a group of participants are provided with and taught to make a craft (Examples: Paper Craft, traditional Japanese crafts, cosplay)

Craft panels provide not only a learning experience, but something for participants to take home that they created themselves.

What we are looking for:

  • Traditional Japanese / Asian crafts
  • Anime based crafts
  • Supplement of required materials and tools for the craft
  • Clear and simple instructions at a beginners level

Game Shows

Interactive game show using audience members (examples: Anime versions of Jeopardy,  1 vs 100, The Price is Right or newly created games)

Do you have a fun game show you’d like to run? Is your dream to watch contestants try and answer your best double jeopardy questions? Have you always wanted an excuse to build something off of The Price is Right? Game Show Running is for you!

What we are looking for:

  • Hosts with a positive vibe
  • A clear set of rules/steps your game show will follow
  • Supplement of any required props

Ai-kon is happy to provide prizes for game show winners as we see appropriate.

Cosplay Character Meet and Greets

Often referred to as “Ask a Nation” style panel, with a cast of cosplayers who act as their character to answer questions and entertain the audience

What we are looking for:

  • A confirmed and dedicated group of cosplayers
  • Prior experience in performing as a character
  • A loose script / written plan of topics, games etc that structure the event


Demonstration of a dance, performance, craft, sport etc. (not interactive)

Would your club like to do a kendo demonstration? Dance group have a performance they’d like to give? Want to show off a unique skill? Demonstrations are great for exhibitors who’d like to perform, then have the discussion come back to their club table after.

Community Discussions

A discussion that heavily relies on audience participation and discussion of a topic.

Community discussions are open forums to talk and discuss a number of topics. These often involve discussing personal experiences, and viewing different takes on the subject.

We are looking for:

  • Discussion moderators who will create a fun and interactive conversation
  • Safe, informative and inclusive discussions
  • Prior experience moderating community discussions
  • Set plan of discussion topics

Interactive Teaching Panel

Interact with your audience to teach them a skill like a dance or game.

We are looking for:

  • Beginner level lessons for anyone to try
  • Clear and helpful instructions
  • Fun learning environments